Friday, July 30, 2010

All shivery shaky ... stranger in our backyard!

We were sitting on the couch in our den today, eating lunch and watching our DVR of the Paul McCartney tribute at the White House on PBS. Our curtains are always open so that we can watch the hummingbirds and squirrels (and Falcon!) in the yard. I looked away from the TV screen and out into our yard (not quite sure why I happened to at that precise moment??? Oh, that's right, the falcon had returned again and I'm so afraid it will kill my beloved mourning doves!). And just then a teenaged boy crossed our backyard, out from behind our garage, across our lawn, towards our house.

He and I saw each other at the same time. YIKES! I'm not sure what I said/stammered to my husband, something like " there's someone in our backyard". D'oh. I pointed at him and the teenager saw me point and my husband get up and go to the back door.

He climbed over the fence into our neighbors yard (our dear Fred who passed away, home). As my husband approached the fence, the teenager said to him "Hi, how ya doin?" and then ran off.

I was watching the teenager from the window and I could see he had something/an implement of some sort...screw driver, knife, shiv (spelling?) in his was gray or silver and metallic as it glimmered in the sunlight.

We called the police and our security service - neither of which feigned any interest at all in what had occurred. geez!

My husband went to tell another neighbor and all of a sudden a police helicopter was overhead and our street was closed off. We found out that the kid had run out of Fred's yard and entered another yard across the street, a house where the resident has childrens daycare and they called the police too.

We don't know if the teenager was caught or not.

I'm all freaked out. What if my husband hadn't been home?! What if the boy comes back, he knows I saw him. I'm afraid to leave the house and I'm afraid to stay home.

So traumatizing.


  1. Maybe you can find a "blurb" about it in the paper so you'll know if they arrested him or not?

    You have my complete empathy about the fear you are experiencing. I had a "flasher" at my door once years ago - - - I identified him by his mug shot the next day, and he went to jail. BUT - - - I was terrified he would send his friends to "get" me in my home.

    He never did.

    But I remember that fear.

    I just kept asking the Lord to help me trust Him for safety - - - and eventually I did get over it.

  2. OH, no Sally. Well I will be praying for peace and protection. That would unnerve me indeed. Good that you and hubby were on the ball and yes, that hubby was home. Please report back. Take care this weekend and keep hubby close.

  3. I can certainly understand your fear. We've had episodes in our neighborhood (it's a nice neighborhood too)that were frightening. It always seems to me that there is a not enough interest by the local authorities... but chances are, the intruder if far more frightened.
    Take care!! Hope you have a big, barking dog.
    Ladybug Creek

  4. Oh my gosh, Sally! I would be terrified, too. That is surreal and scary. I betting he won't be back. I'm guessing he broke into something (car, shed, house), and was trying to escape because someone else saw him. He would be very stupid to come anywhere near there again. Hugs to you! xoxox

  5. Sally - I am coming back over to give you an extra hug. I know that scared you to pieces. It would have scared the dickens out of me. I hope you get some sleep tonight - xox!

  6. That is scary, Sally. Hopefully the police caught him-maybe you could call and find out. That would ease your mind. Stay busy to keep your mind off of it!I'll be thinking about you!