Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday blog love

Happy Monday to everyone!

Good gravy, the weekend went by fast! Lots of errands, housecleaning and then some fun on Sunday.

Ever the procrastinators, we finally made it to the special exhibit at LACMA, American Stories ... on the last day of the exhibit. By the hair of our chin-y chin chins! We'd seen several of the pieces included before but it still was a lovely exhibit.

But first off, we went to Farmer's Market for breakfast at Loteria Grill, YUM! And then I went berserk at B & N and came home with these ... please, if you should see me about to enter a bookstore, tackle me and give me a good talking to! Ay yi yi.

A Gathering of Thoughts
A Gentleman's Samplings
Banner Haus News
bear bits
Days of a Sampler Lover
Froken Skicklig
Happy @ Home
Ivory Blush Roses
Joy's Thoughts and Things
Le Manior Rose Blanche
Linda Ruthie's Apron
Lissu's Dollhouse
mommy lion
My Byrd House
Never Enough Time
Petits reves blancs
Shabby Chic Green Cottage
Sweet Finds
The Adams Family Mini Mansion
The Stone Fence Cottage
The Vintage Polka Dot


  1. Hi Sally! I bought the CPS one, too. And I bought Art Doll, and Prim. So I think we should try tackling each other - hahahah! Hey, we're helping to support the economy, right? (do we need more excuses, because I am very good at them!) xox Pam

  2. Hi Pam!
    ahahhahaha I bought Prim two weeks ago. That's it, it's time for "mutual magazine intervention" - dog pile on the bookstore threshold!!! ;)
    Happy Magazine Monday!
    Sally xoxoxo

  3. Good morning. If you have time drop by my blog, I have award for you.

  4. Hi LV!
    Good morning to you! You're a big sweetie, coming over to visit you. :)