Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday blog love

Waving hello to everyone!

I'm having so much fun and pleasure from visiting your blogs and all of your comments on Rednesday and Vintage Thingie Thursday. I must admit that I'm rather overwhelmed too. I guess I'm a plodder - it seems to take me so long to come up with an item to share and then I try to visit all of the blogs participating and comment and then my time seems to have slipped away. I'm a big believer in replying to comments on my blog and I just feel terrible for not doing so. WAH! Now I understand why you guys start a day early, yes sirree! I'm going to try to do better. Thanks again for all of your sweet comments, I so appreciate you and them.

Well ... I've been thinking about joining Amy Power's latest embroidery stitch-along, "Counting My Blessings". Every day I think about it. ACK! I have such performance anxiety. shiver shiver shake.

Anyway, over the weekend I picked up my fabric and threads. I am kicking myself in the rumpus! I got so dazzled by this one fabric that I forgot that I wanted a higher thread count linen, so I could have more detail if I wanted it. ARGH! Back to the drawing board, er, graph paper and start charting and see how it goes. miffle piffle posh ... kick in the patootie.

OH! We went to this wonderful nature store in the Valley on Saturday, Wild Things ... first off, there's a resident Golden Retriever, who came to greet us ... I can pet doggies all day long and not lose interest. So I played with my new best friend while my husband got down to business.

(Two monarch butterflies emerged from their chrysalis while we were there too! Neato!)

We were there to find a squirrel proof (or rather rat proof, I don't mind the squirrels) bird feeder and somehow ended up with a new hummingbird feeder and a hummingbird bell/wind chime thing too. And tons of birdseed that supposedly squirrels and rats don't like. Yeah sure. Check back with me later.

A day and half later and no birds and no hummingbirds. We've had hummingbirds for years but they are seemingly confuzzled by the upgrade in their restaurant counter! We had the traditional red plastic feeder and bought a (gorgeous) green glass one and they're like, "Nuh uh. Nuthin doin! Where's our red and yellow plastic flowers?!" There have been a couple of fly by's this morning, fingers crossed they'll eventually get brave and take a drink.

Happy Monday to you!

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  1. I love following the Count Your Blessing-show us your squares as you get them done. Good for you. Got your comment on kids books-Winne the Pooh is one of my faves too. I just love all the characters, especially EEyore-who reminds me of my youngest son. I think it takes the hummers awhile to focus in on a new feeder. Good luck!

  2. Hi Leslie,
    Thank you! I sure will post when I get going on my squares. I'm a little thrown at the moment since I picked a different thread count - going to have to put my thinking cap on.
    I think you're right about the hummers ... hoping they come around soon, I miss them! It's such fun to watch them out the window.
    Happy Monday!

  3. Hi Sally! I have never, ever heard of a green hummingbird feeder. We have the boring red one with the yellow plastic flowers. :( Wild Things sounds like a very cool place. Any place that has a resident dog gets my vote. Guess what Caity bought me for Mom's Day? A copy of When We Were Young Very from 1950. I love the illustrations! Happy week to you - xox Pam

  4. I've never had any luck with anything other than the gawdy red plastic ones too! BTW I got BOTH of your comments!

  5. Hello Sally! So sorry I have not been commenting lately. Hubby is down in his back again and being on the computer is kind of sporadic, not to mention exhausting for me. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a nice comment. I've missed you, too! Thanks for this list. I am already a huge fan of Creative Carmelina, she's amazing! Have a nice week! Twyla

  6. Hi Pam!
    Still no hummingbirds - in fact, it's worse - not even a fly by the past two days. I had the hubs hang the old one back up too and they still haven't returned. WAH! We do have a couple of house finches (or are they house sparrows???!) at our new bird feeder this morning though. WAHOO!
    What a wonderful gift from Caity! I so love Winnie the Pooh! Did you ever go to the one man play, with the man reciting Winnie the Pooh? So much fun!
    Happy Hump Day,
    Sally xoxoxo

  7. Hi Lori!
    I'm so sad, still no hummies. sniffle sniffle
    Oh good, I'm so glad my first post made it through too - it was so weird how nothing appeared. I guess it took the scenic route teehee.
    Happy Wednesday!

  8. Hi Twyla!
    So nice to see you! No apologies needed - I was just getting anxious about you, knowing that your dad had been ill and your husband had hurt his back. I'm the Queen of Worriers. Sending lots of get well wishes to your husbands back! :)
    How'd you beat me to Carmelina teehee?! Isn't she fun.
    Happy week to you!