Tuesday, May 4, 2010

leave everything you know behind

(the glorious poetry of David Whyte, video found via 37 days)

Tilicho Lake

In this high place
it is as simple as this,
leave everything you know behind.

Step toward the cold surface,
say the old prayer of rough love
and open both arms.

Those who come with empty hands
will stare into the lake astonished,
there, in the cold light
reflecting pure snow,

the true shape of your own face.

~ David Whyte
(Where Many Rivers Meet)

The Lightest Touch

Good poetry begins with
the lightest touch,
a breeze arriving from nowhere,
a whispered healing arrival,
a word in your ear,
a settling into things,
then like a hand in the dark
it arrests the whole body,
steeling you for revelation.

In the silence that follows
a great line
you can feel Lazarus
deep inside
even the laziest, most deathly afraid
part of you,
lift up his hands and walk toward the light.

~ David Whyte
(Everything is Waiting for You)


  1. Beautiful, Sally! It's amazing how mere words, put together in a certain order, create a rhythm that goes straight to your heart. Don't you find that incredible? :) What a talent! xoxo Pam

  2. Hi Pam!
    Isn't it beautiful?! I'm so glad you enjoyed it too, I thought it was so lovely. And yes, straight to the heart.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Hello Sally, thank you for keeping up with me and my mom. Poetry. When I was in high school (here in Texas) I competed in poetry reading (not written by me though) and loved digging out the gold in the phrases of words that resonated with thoughts and feelings. Thank you for sharing these two poems.