Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's Hindi for chocolate obsession?

Too funny! I changed something in my preferences and when I went to type this post, it was in another language - a language made up of characters and characters totally unknown to me.

I think it was in Hindi but I'm not sure??? I was trying to find how you add labels or categories to your posts and I looked in the wrong place but I happened to notice that something said it was "disabled" in Hindi. I didn't want my new found readers (I have zero readers period, Hindi or otherwise, mores the pity!) to miss out, so I clicked on "enable". D'oh. Even I wasn't sure of what I was saying - truth to tell, that may not be new either.

Anyway, I said there was going to be chocolate. And lots of it. Thus far I have yet to fulfill my promise. So here it is.

Don't you love TasteSpotting?! I could sit here all day looking at photos and recipes. All day. I know. That's very sad, huh?!

The above dessert that I want to lick off the screen is from Citrus and Candy via TasteSpotting.

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