Sunday, July 19, 2009

BabyCakes and other weekend fun

We finally made it down to BabyCakes Baking Company in Torrance! If we hadn't been on the hunt for a new washer and dryer, it might have been another bazillion years before we made it there. A little side story - if you have a puny home like we do, be forewarned, the new swanky washers and dryers will not fit in your home!!! Say what?! Yes, that's right - they're too honking big for our house! Will not fit in our service porch. WAH! So we have been doing a merry dance trying to find a set that will fit in our house that aren't those darling little apartment sized ones - this is no easy task.

Anyway, I was so excited that we could make a stop at BabyCakes after hearing so much about the original New York site and seeing the owner on Martha Stewart.

My plan was thus, BabyCakes first for pastry and coffee and cupcakes to take home for dessert last night. To fortify us for what lay ahead at the appliance store teehee, we had a little late morning pick me up. Hubby got a berry crumble muffin and I got the most yummy banana coffee cake and we both got coffee - decaf.

Or so we were supposed to get decaf. Since both hubby and I could not fall asleep for hours last night, I think we got the high octane stuff instead. I think I got three hours sleep???

And then the alarm clock went off at five in the morning as we had another plan to get to the Long Beach Swap Meet by six thirty this morning. No such luck on that one. Troopers that we are, we did get there a little before eight and beat some of the crowd and the heat. But by nine AM, the heat had begun and the crowds had started to arrive - I'm not good in either situation. Also, there seemed to fewer things of interest today, than on our last outing there - good for the pocketbook but not for the fun meter.

Oh. This blog might as well be subtitled "what the Magundy family is eating" as I think that's all I talk about here! Huh?!

Speaking of which, we did enjoy the cupcakes from BabyCakes and I hope to get back there again. I was sad they didn't have the owners cookbook on display for me to see.

After much wringing of hands at the appliance store - wanting the super duper gorgeous imported W&D set and not being able to have it - we went for more food (!!!), this time for lunch at The Veggie Grill. Um, like it, but not anywhere near as much as our much beloved Native Foods.

This morning, after being roasted by the sun at the swap meet and buffeted by the crowds, we went out to breakfast at our favorite La Serenata (having first been propped up by Starbucks, prior to the journey down south to Long Beach).

See, it is all about the food, isn't it??? So embarrassing. I will have to come up with another topic!

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