Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Renegade Craft Fair and other Saturday adventures

Woohoo! We made it to the fair and it was terrific!

After the attempted trip to Felt Club a couple of years ago and no parking to be had & we sadly turned around, with our chins dragging and went home, I was really anxious about this event.

But no worries! We got there at 11:30 and it was just perfect. Parking was easy, no crowds inside, easy sailing through venue, jam packed with goodies. And a panoramic view too. Cool!

I got to meet the darling Cathy of California, such a sweetie and bought one of her vintage flower loom kits. Went to the Super Buzzy booth and I picked up some adorable xmas fabrics – time to start working on those projects or I’ll never get anything done. Last minute Sally here. Sadly Sprout Studio was not able to come as planned and I so wanted to pick up one of her charming birds. WAH!

The Postcard Machine was a blast, so clever & we love our postcard!

sniffle sniffle whine ... the photo booth was out of commission while we were there. Dagnabbit, I really wanted to play.

Saw lots and lots of great stuff and I’ve posted the cards I picked up along the way - I thought I had picked up more?! My husband even wanted to get in the act and get an iPod pouch at MrPoncho but they didn’t have a Star Trek one for him, the eternal Trekkie.

Then … we went to the historic Clifton’s Cafeteria a few blocks away for lunch. I had been there twice as a child but hubby had never been and after watching Huell Howser wax on about it’s wonderfulness, hubby wanted to go. It was fun to see it again, with it’s thematic décor (the downtown one has an outdoors woodsy camping theme) but food-wise shall I say, it left us wanting, something else … entirely. We probably should have tried the food at the fair. Woe is us.

Then we went on another Huell Howser inspired expedition over to the famous Galco’s, purveyors of soda’s and candies of our youth – lot’s of fun. We came home with Bubble Up (my favorite as a kid), hubby got Coca Cola from Mexico, made with cane sugar, not that nasty nasty killer High Fructose Corn Syrup. We went a little berserk in the candy aisle – picking up Flicks, Necco Wafers, those candy button thingies (a personal fave), bazooka bubble gum, the original Life Saver multi-flavor package and possibly something else??? The real treasures of youth, the Look bar, Big Hunk bar etc., were left behind in favor of our teeth and wanting to keep them (in our mouths)!

Then … we went to husbands favorite sandwich spot in Burbank to pick up something for dinner … to go with some uniquely seasoned potato chips from the UK we picked up at Galco’s – I’m sure they were probably available some place else in town but the heat of the moment had smacked us.

Then! I had been wanting to catch up with the oh so cool, COOLHAUS ice cream truck, had been following their tweets for days, weeks and finally they were to be at Bergamot Station last night … or so I interpreted from their post. Checked in on them after dinner about where we were going to enjoy our much anticipated ice cream sandwich (shaped like a house), we had already missed them at Bergamot Station!!! WAH!!!

But then it said they’d be at the Culver City Art Walk. Okay, so we put the shoes back on, get in the car and proceed to --- drive up and and down and all around the length of the Culver City Art Walk for forty minutes and no sighting of the longed for ice cream truck of our dreams. Sniffle sniffle. SIGH.

There are no later tweets from them, so don’t know if they sold out or if they melted away into a little puddle in the night …

I'm all rumbly in my tumbly this morning and shortly we'll be off to Loteria Grill at Farmer's Market (Farmers Market is celebrating it's 75th anniversary this summer) ... again ... for the best chilaquiles verde breakfast. YUM!

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