Thursday, July 30, 2009

I just have to contact them for my $800,000

I just received the following email communique:

"Dear Customer, FedEx Company has been waiting for you to claim your Package of Bank Draft worth of $800,000.00 and some vital documents that were registered with us for shipping to your residential location."

I bet you're all so jealous!

Okay, back to my housework ... I just wanted to let you know of my good fortune!



  1. Sally, I just loved your post about your "earthquake" proof curio cabinet! Strap it to the walls? Where on earth do you live! You know they say the REALLY BIG ONE will be in the Ohio Valley. We have felt several tremors while living here. I haven't had to purchase any sticky stuff yet! Thank you so very much for participating in my "Block Party". I am busy on my end making blocks; so my response time will be slower, but I am enjoying myself tremendously! Have fun with your block! Elizabeth

  2. Sally, I am back again! I think we are the same person! I joined a pincushion swap and am having such anxiety I can hardly stand it! AND I make pincushions! Aren't we a funny pair! Please know that it is the person doing the sending that I am so grateful to for sharing in my journey. After that the rest is easy! Sally, no deadline on sending your block - take as long as you like - the deadline is for me so that I am not making too, too many! So funny! Elizabeth

  3. Hi Elizabeth!

    Thanks so much for coming by and visiting and commenting, I appreciate it very much!

    No, I sure hadn't heard that the big one is expected to hit Ohio! I think we might be a smidge self centered here in California and they don't really tell us on our news that other states have earthquakes too. Sheesh.

    I'm in Los Angeles - the 1994 earthquake was centered in the San Fernando Valley and also the Santa Monica Bay - I'm by Santa Monica. So unsettling to say the least. YIKES!

    Thank you so much for commiserating with me - we can be Nervous Nellie's together. :) You make lovely pincushions, I'll look forward to reading about the swap.

    Off to post on your blog too, so you know that I saw your post here ...