Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If it's Tuesday, it must be LACMA

The second Tuesday of every month is free admission at LACMA - not sure if that's all year round or just during summer months??? Anyway, they were also offering half off tickets to the separate special admission exhibit, "Pompeii and the Roman Villa", so we trundled ourselves off down there.

First we had a wonderful lunch at Pentimento (hurray for the Patina Group and all the great food they provide at various museums in So. Cal.!) as always. We're vegetarian and it's always challenging eating out - it's so terrific when there's more than salad on the menu for us.

We enjoyed the LACMA Pompeii exhibit even more than the Getty Villa one. If you save your tickets from the LACMA Pompeii exhibit, you can get into the Getty Villa without a reservation (reservations being hard to come by sometimes there!) - but the parking will still be $15.00 at the Getty Villa - no way around that.

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