Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little treasures

I was looking at all my little treasures in my cabinet today. Remembering all the stories that go with each. So many things were either my mothers or she gave them to me as gifts. Lots of memories and reminiscing and missing my mom.

I lost half of my knick knacks in the 1994 earthquake. So we're preparing for The Big One over here - we museum waxed all my little treasures in my curio cabinet today and have strapped all the bookcases to the wall. Still lots to do.

The better half keeps shaking the cabinet to prove how well the stickum stuff works - ay yi yi, about gives me a heart attack.

Oh! I just noticed that my Papa Bear and Baby Bear (from my Goldilocks and the three bears) are lying down - not because of the stickum stuff, but because we decided they didn't need the stickum stuff and they fell over during the husband provided "earthquake simulation".

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