Friday, September 12, 2014

we old people took selfies too

Polaroid selfie of me around about 1989

I had the hubby pull down four boxes this morning that haven't been gone through in years. Oh good grief! Not quite sure what prompted my taking of this Polaroid selfie of myself in 1989?!

Look! There's those HUGE glasses, making another appearance. I have so many photos of me, with an inappropriate finger, pushing them back up my nose LOL.  (I'm really narrow through my eyeballs and glasses never ever fit me right, and big ones were completely ridiculous!)

And I had a hairdresser who insisted on cutting my layered bangs, wayyyyyyy toooo short. I look like I have one of those poodle pompadour things going on.

Trying to remember the sweater I have on here - obviously not a fave as I don't really remember it and that's not possible. Clothes Horse was my middle name. It appears to be some early failed attempt at ombre dying hahahahhaaha. It is my favorite color though, turquoise - teal - blue green, whatever you call it. 

I do love this photo so very much though because I can see my brother in my face! I've never noticed a resemblance before. I always thought I didn't look like anyone in my family and now I see them all in me. sniffle sniffle.


  1. I am laughing so much with your written blog describing your glasses.

    They were the style. I remember my sister getting tinted color pink. We laughed at that. Lets look at it this way. We were hip.

    Now I am 72 and I have to up my vision. Pretty soon I guess my lesnses will be those coke thickness.

    Who cares anyways what one looks like at my age. As long as I can hear when my hubby calls. Supper.

    I enjoyed your blog and yes your hip glasses.

    Have a great night.

    Going out laughing.

  2. Hi Carol Ann,

    So glad I gave you a chuckle! My glasses had two tints - brown on top and rose pink on the bottom.

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Happy weekend!

  3. Awesome glasses!! I DO remember them well!

    1. Hi Suzan!
      You too, huh?! :) I was watching an old tv show recently and I couldn't get over the size of the glasses and the shoulder pads whoa Nellie - so funny now ...
      Happy Sunday!