Tuesday, September 30, 2014

silly stuff

I'm having one of those frustrating annoying no good days. I was on the phone with a company this morning for an hour OUCH going round and round, then calling a store that promised my refund would be processed a week and a half ago and it hasn't shown up on my account yet, then writing a letter to a medical billing office because the billing clerk would not answer my three phone calls about her not sending my insurance carrier the required paperwork along with my claim and my claim was then denied ARGH, calling my doctors office asking them to send the inept clerk what she needs from them, then sending other necessary unfun emails and somehow it's three in the afternoon and I'm grumpy. grumble grumble snarfle snarfle

Oh! And I forgot that Google wouldn't allow me to access my blog today too. GRRRRR I was adding blogs to my blogroll, over and over and all of a sudden a message appeared with a verification code box and I had to enter the codes that came up about FIFTY times. What the hoohah?! So many times that I stopped and went and posted on the Help Forum. Finally they believed I wasn't a robot and returned me to my blog. 

That calls for silly stuff!!! Some more paper stuff I found at my parents ...

LOL at first I didn't get this at all
and then I realized it starts on the (top) front of the card.
Still kind of a groan ...


I'm not sure if this is some sort of ad or
a calling card or a postcard or?
But it's cute huh?!

Something to entertain the kiddies!

Fun crafty thing from long ago.
It's sealed - can't tell if it's been opened
and resealed or never opened at all?

All better now - banished that no good day!

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  1. Oh. One of. Those days...I hope tomorrow is a bbetter day.