Wednesday, September 3, 2014

miss gracie has a baby

When we adopted George and Gracie from the rescue we were told that Gracie had many litters - that she was a puppy factory. Makes me so sad. Gracie missed out on all the fun in a doggies life - she was busy being a good mommy, over and over.

She's always been quiet and perhaps even more so after losing her lifetime companion, Georgie, last year.

But something's afoot over here. The past few months she's started to come out of her shell and become Miss Personality. She asks for rubby-doo's all the time, she wiggles all over when we wake up or come home to her, she wags her tail like a windshield wiper on high, from side to side.

She was never interested in more than a couple ball tosses at a time and she wasn't interested in stuffed toys at all. So it came as a huge surprise when she trotted into the den one night last week all happy, with a mushroom softie in her mouth a friend had made me.  (It had fallen off the shelf in my craft room and I had gotten distracted and completely forgotten to pick it up.)

So I decided she needed a "baby" of her own - that's what we called all of the sheep wool animals for our other Golden's. Golden's love to carry things in their mouths and we'd ask them "Where's your baby?" and they'd all go get them --- except for George and Gracie, who had such sad lives.

We went to two pet stores over the weekend and everything was too small or had multiple squeakies or ugly material, etc... I apparently have a demanding eye when it comes to doggie toys LOL.

I did find this one group of over sized softies that were natural colored and barnyard animals - I've always liked the sheep wool toys - and besides the pig and goat, there was a third one ... I think it's a sheep??? It's the size of a Golden puppy.

I laid it down on Missy's bed and after sniffing it all over, she very gingerly, laid down face to face with it.  And then yesterday I stood it up on her bed and she came over and sniffed it all over again AND licked it!!!


  1. How sweet! It sounds like doggie love. Happy for your Gracie.

  2. maybe you should get her a real puppy! lol! sweet little girl... Im sure shes been grieving over the loss of her companion. Im glad she has seemed to perk up a bit!
    have a great day

  3. Aw how sweet Miss Gracie! So glad she has a very loving home with you! Goldens do love carrying things in their mouths! My mom and dad always had (and still have one) a couple while my sister and I were growing up. Such loving dogs there are! :) Sending sweet hugs! xo Holly

  4. This is just so sweet, Sally. Yes, Gracie sure did deserve her own baby to keep and love! It infuriates me to hear about dogs that are used over and over again for breeding ($$$$), and then just gotten rid of. In my opinion, there is NO place for dog breeding in this country right now. Period. It makes me so happy that a dog like Gracie gets to live in a home with someone like you!
    Erica :)

  5. I am learning for the first time about dogs from my daughter. It's a whole new world. Your rescue dogs are so beautiful.