Monday, June 17, 2013

bing and grondahl seagull

I am trying (in vain, most days) to let go of much of the remaining things of my parents that I have hung onto the past two years plus, since my father passed away.  Our house is teeny tiny and was already filled to capacity --- now we are nearly buried underneath belongings.

{sigh} I inherited this lovely Danish china tea set from my mother. It had been given to her by a Danish friend, I'm pretty sure, sometime in the 1980's. It is beautiful, in mint condition, having never ever been used. How sad to think that blue was not my mother's color and so, although the gift was much appreciated, was never used or even displayed.

Last night, I had every intention of selling this set.  I asked my husband to bring in the box from the garage.  But as I unwrapped each piece this morning, I was struck by it's delicateness and details. It is not my style, I never would have sought it out. I am a lover of pink roses on china, after all.  (that being said, I was utterly besotted with another blue Danish beauty, Royal Copenhagen's, Blue Lace - it was an unrelenting obsession like no other for many years LOL)
Looking upon the charming shells on top of the sugar lid and the tea pot, I think I need to think on it a bit longer. Perhaps I will remove some of my too cute things and grant this more elegant and grown up grouping, a home in my curio cabinet.

I can't decide ... 


  1. I never saw any pieces from this line before. Very pretty!

  2. Gorgeous! You are right on the nose with the date. I worked in a store that sold these way back when. Wonderful quality, put them in your cabinet post haste! :) Pam

  3. It's so hard when it comes to getting rid of family things like that, It's not easy!