Friday, June 7, 2013

georgie the invincible

This is my Georgie. Georgie, the believer. Georgie, the dreamer. Georgie, the lover of love.

We adopted 12 year old George last year, along with his BFF Gracie, just a mere three weeks after losing our beloved Honey. 

Life being what it is, never a puller of punches --- two months after adopting George and Gracie, two months three weeks after losing Honey, we found out that George has inoperable cancer.  He was thought to only have three or four days to live. 

And yet, here we are, six months down the road, this very day ...

Happy as a lark!

He still has cancer of course and his now 13 year old legs are achy and wobbly but he loves to trot after his ball and scratch his long lanky body along the garage wall, dancing a little doggie jig and tossing his head as he turns at the end to begin another trip down the wall. 

He luxuriates in being loved and rubbed and hugged. I fear he must have only had a little love in his previous life, enough though that he is the sweetest of souls and enough so that he knew what he was missing and knew he had a doggie sized hole in his heart, that only a family could fill. 

This Georgie who wasn't interested in food when we got him (I coaxed him and fed him out of my hand), adores his chicken breast and rice meals that his new mommy makes him and perhaps even all his pills he takes twice a day, including a chemotherapy one, every other day.

Life is good when you believe and dare to dream and find love and a family.

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  1. Oh Georgie, how wonderful you "forever" family found you!

    What beautiful photos you have of Georgie too. They capture his essence!

  2. Georgie is living his dream come true by having you as his loving people. This is the best story ever!

    Found you through Favorite Thing, and so glad I did.

  3. We are also a family that loves Golden Retrievers...the sweetest, most loving of dogs. Our current dog is Daisy and she is the love of our lives. Thank you for sharing your brave sweet George...I am happy to learn he found a loving family at this stage of his life.

  4. So lucky you all found each other. He's so lucky to have you and you to have him. Dogs are so special.

    Thanks for sharing with us Sally. You know I love me some Georgie!, & of course some Gracie too.
    :) Pam

  5. What a sweetheart. I know I would love that dog. Our Kane is also 13 this summer and we cherish every day with him. Deb

  6. A beautiful story Sally!
    I'm so happy that you found George and Gracie and I can tell they are too!
    They have this "cat ate the cream" look on their beautiful little faces - they're both over the moon and can't believe their luck.
    You're a good kind human being and it's a privilege to be a new follower of yours too!
    I'm off overseas for a few weeks so I won't be able to visit your blog until I get back in August.
    My daughter lives in a v small village in France without telecommunications

  7. This post made me so happy! Bless you and your sweet boy!

  8. Oh George is so precious. I am so glad that your kind heart brought him to a home filled with love. Give him a big kiss from me!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. Sally,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    Georgie is a sweetie!! I will say a prayer for him and your family that he remains " Invincible"!


  10. What a beautiful post. George and Gracie are beautiful - their faces are so sweet, so wise. Thank goodness you rescued him! He needed love and you and your family have given that to him. He's not ready to leave yet.

    How can someone look at a dog and not shower him with love? Thankfully, George is now being loved as he should be.

    Thanks so much for sharing George with us this week,


  11. He is wonderful and I can feel the love you have for him.
    Dogs are special friends. I love my Alfie.
    Hugs, Dottie

  12. I have a golden, too. She is so loving and dear. Now 13, her legs are wobbly, too. I love the picture of the two on the doggie bed together. I do wish I had a playmate for our McKenzie.

  13. George and Gracie are so lucky to have found you as a new Mommy! I love this post.So glad you found them too!

  14. Wonderful pics! I am so glad you & your family found him & he now gets the love he deserves!

  15. Oh Georgie, you have another fan. xx Auntie Julie