Wednesday, June 19, 2013

georgie is feeling poorly today

Update June 24:  Thanks again so much for your continued care for our sweetie pie, George. His tummy is now doing fine. YIPPIE YIPPIE!  We did take him to see the Vet on Saturday - one of his back legs was acting wonky. Turns out to be old age of course, thankfully, the Vet said he isn't in any pain.

We did find out that I have fattened him up quite nicely, in fact, a few pounds too much. I was so thrilled that he was interested in food, I guess I was overly generous. Anyway, too many pounds on him is dangerous, with his blood clot and for his heart. So now George is on a diet.

We also had a blood panel done, since it's been more than six months and await the results of that.

Thanks again everyone! Happy Monday!

Update June 21: Thanks so much for your care, concern and kind comments over my sweetie pie Georgie. He seems to have just experienced some tummy upset episode (he has a very sensitive tummy!) and after a day and a half of anti-nausea meds, is feeling brighter. Yippie! Georgie wishes you all a very Happy First Day of Summer! He's hoping to get in some time in the sun and some ball playing today. And maybe a biscuit ... tummy willing ...

I've got a call into the Vet.  Poor Georgie has been sick to his tummy twice today.  Hopefully it's nothing, just one of those once-a-year doggie tummy upset things but I feel a sense of concern. He's also been doing some things that our Honey (that we lost in September) had been doing last year ... and I'm fearing that he's got mega-esophagus like Honey did or, something to do with his cancer, his blood clot, etc.  I'm a bundle of nerves over here.

He's done so well and been so happy-go-lucky that I've kind of put his very real serious condition in some far recess of my mind, closed and locked the door on it.  Been living on hope and denial.

He has been interested in his biscuits and his ball, so that's good news ...


  1. I pray he is fine. I know you love him.
    Hugs, Dottie

  2. Thank you so much Dottie, you're so sweet, I so appreciate it! The Vet currently thinks its a bit of tummy upset - fingers crossed!

  3. Sally, I'll be thinking of Georgie and hope all is well. It's hopefully one of those little upsets they get now and then. Please keep us posted!

  4. I'll being saying prayers for your Georgie Boy.
    That's good that he's interested in his treats!
    Thinking of you-

  5. Hoping your boy is feeling a little better today. Sending hugs and doggie love to your Georgie. xo, Pam

  6. Oh, I’m sorry to hear your dear sweet Georgie is under the weather. I hope it’s nothing to serious. I do understand how you must feel, I’ve had to go through this with our Bentley, a springer. My son is taking is his lab to the doctor today, he’s fourteen and has some health issues that are getting worse. Oh these sweet pets and how we love them. Thinking of you.

    The French Hutch

  7. What a sad photo! Hope he feels better soon....

  8. Hi Sally! Is Georgie feeling better? I hope so. Our Gizmo is getting on in years and every time he has any little thing wrong, I worry it's some big thing. I hope Georgie is better today and enjoying summer with you. xo