Monday, December 10, 2012

the patient is home

"Nurse Gracie on duty, Mom!"

"Giving the patient a big dose of TLC!"

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments and support, I so appreciate all of you!

We brought Georgie home Saturday afternoon.  They sent him home very doped up on pain meds, so he basically slept the rest of the afternoon and through the night until Sunday morning.  Gracie loves him so and cuddled up next to him on their pillow bed and rested her face (in the cone of shame!) on his neck.

He didn't want to eat Sunday morning and that was very distressing - lack of appetite being one of the things we are to observe and note, that could be a signal that he is in distress from the clot moving. WAH! 

Thankfully I found he would eat his biscuits, in fact he gobbled them up.  And then I remembered that I had a can of a different kind of food and he ate half a can of that.  YIPPIE YIPPIE YIPPIE, doing a major happy dance!  But for some reason he refused water???

I am thrilled to say that he is very much like himself this morning - he ate his regular food (and more) and drank water and he's following me around and watching every move I make. Crying tears of joy.  He is supposed to just rest though so I keep reminding him that he needs to lay down on his pillow.  Fighting a losing battle though, he wants to MOVE!

If a miracle should happen and the clot safely dissolves/disperses, we may have some more time with him.

Husband at work, I'm on my own today, stomach tied in knots, nerves shot. Phone number at hand for an emergency Vet in case George should be in distress and needs to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you again for all your care and concern and friendship.

"Paparazzi everywhere I go!"
"Hey look, Gracie has a new cone of shame!" 
(that's because she could still chew her leg with the plastic one ARGH!)
"Just stretching my legs mom!"

"Okay, I'm laying down. SHEESH!"

"Think I'll have a little snooze."


  1. Glad Georgie is doing better! So difficult!!

  2. He just looks like a big cuddle bug! What a sweetie.
    I pray that you get a good amount of time with him still.
    Erica :)

  3. Gracie and George are so lucky to have you! I'm glad George is doing better. We'll keep our fingers crossed about the clot. I'm sure he's so happy to be at home with you all!

  4. Glad George is better,I will pray for him. The snow in the snow globe jars is plastic flake snow that comes in bags for decorating things such as miniature Christmas Villages.

  5. They are so darn cute. I'm glad Georgie is home with you and feeling better! xox