Wednesday, December 12, 2012

doggie update

Yesterday was quite a day!  George had um, intestinal distress, all day.

I was in a panic as there was blood involved and I called the fancy pants Specialty and Emergency Hospital, THREE times wanting to speak to someone and no one was available.


They had told us over and over again, while extracting a kings ransom from our pockets, to please call them anytime with any questions and concerns.  Uh, apparently during working hours does not work for them.

OOOF! I was so angry and so scared. The paperwork they had sent us home with had said that diarrhea was one of the things signaling distress and to call them.

After three phone calls and no one to answer my questions, I called our regular vet, crying, and I guess I sounded like a pathetic lunatic as they put him on the phone with me, even though it was his surgery day.

Well ... our vet proceeds to tell me that this condition is so rare that he thinks there's a possibility George may not have cancer at all, but rather have Cushings, which is treatable.

And he said he thought it unlikely the clot would cause a stroke and that if it did go to his lungs, George should be okay since his chest is so very big.

What the hooha?!

We are so beyond confused, having received two such divergent and extreme opinions!  Where does the truth lie?

George was very energetic yesterday - I think largely due to his intestinal upset and needing to go out repeatedly.  He's a little less bright today, dozing a bit (having pooped himself out yesterday hahahha, sorry, easy joke!), but still a happy camper, wagging his tail.

Our vet said yesterday that we should drop him off and test his blood pressure and give him the Cushings test, so we did that.  Now I'm waiting for the test results. 

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