Friday, December 14, 2012

a favorite gift

I'm sharing one of my absolute favorite things this week, a Christmas gift that was so beloved when I was small. This Advent Calendar came all the way from Austria, sent to me by a pen friend of my mothers, the Christmas I was five years old.

I was absolutely mesmerized and enchanted by it. It's a wonder that it survived after all the times I played with it, opening everything.

It was given to me by Bruna, who I could kiss as she noted "Advent-Calender for Mrs. ------ Junior, Christmas 1959", on the back.  Thank you thank you thank you Bruna for that inscription and this gift that brings memories and smiles. I found it placed in a (pastel pink) folder at my parents house last year and boy, I needed a tissue after that.

Now there's a curious thing written on Santa's pack ... it appears that Bruna has written "Corn on Cob" on the sack ... is that an Austrian thing or is that because I adored corn on the cob as a child and my mother told her so???  I think it must be a personalization but what a weird kid I was if I longed for corn for Christmas hahahhahhaha! 


  1. It is so wonderful!!! A priceless treasure.
    Smiles, Dottie

  2. What a treasure, and so wonderful that your mom saved it.

  3. Blessings, Sally!
    This is just darling...and, such a beloved keepsake. What a miracle that something made of paper has stood the test of time!
    The artwork is so very European and full of childlike whimsy.
    I pray you have a wonderful Christmas, my sweet friend.

  4. I absolutely love this. What a wonderful keepsake.

  5. What a treasure to be able to still have it after all this time is so wonderful!

  6. What a wonderful and treasured gift. I am so glad you still have it. Seeing those things takes us back to such happy times of our childhood.

  7. I love the graphics, what an absolutely precious keepsake!
    We never know what little things from our past will fill our hearts with joy!
    Hugs and happy holidays,

  8. Oh goodness, how wonderful! I'm so glad you found it and it is now a part of your Christmas celebration!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  9. What a great find and so nice that she dated it.