Thursday, October 7, 2010

A slight spookiness has descended

(all the more spooky with my seriously dreadful and scary in a different way, photos ACK!)

shiver shiver shake ... something spooky is afoot at my house ... first a devilishy delightful Day of the Dead runner came rattling at my door ... then a gigantic ghostly gnarly tree followed ... shortly thereafter a band of Halloween creatures appeared; brooding black cats, jovial Jack o'lanterns, one very witchy black cat and the most handsome of skellies ...

All of this has inspired me to take out my needle and make some holiday goodies and to pick up the eerily appropriate "Frankenstein" for my nighttime reading.

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Spooky Thursday!

Want to get your own spooky provisions?

Day of the Dead runner made by Lori, of Run Lori Run
This one was made for me but I bet Lori would be willing to make one for you!
Contact Lori at her Etsy Shop, Run Lori Run

Ghostly gnarly tree from Martha Stewart for Grandin Road
grumble grumble ... now available at $15 less than when I bought it WAH!

Halloween ornaments from the fantabulous Old World Primitives
(Stephanie tells me I have a one of a kind skelly, never to be made again by her,
I am trying to persuade her to create some more for me. Doing my whirly twirly
dance and incantations, Stephanie. You will not be able to resist! bwahahhaa)

Halloween counted cross stitch patterns from The Prairie Schoooler
Available at your local needlework store or online


  1. Ooooh! I want all of your things. Pack them up and send them to me! hahaha! I love Lori's runner and Stephanie's ornies are so cool. Keep dancing, maybe she will make another skelly for you! xoxo!

  2. Hi Pammie!
    Aren't they cute?! I wish I had enough to share with you! :)
    My tree is sparse and not nearly spooky enough. WAH! I know I have some more skellies in the graveyard, er, garage hehe. So I am trying to stitch some up but I'm such a SLOW POKE! geez.
    Happy almost weekend! xoxoox

  3. Hi Sally,
    Whee, how fun to see the ornaments that I made for you on your Halloween tree! I an loving the whole setup with the Martha tree and Day of the Dead table runner - now I want them too!!

    And your whirly twirly dance just might work after all... I am feeling progressively more convinced. :)


  4. Hi Stephanie!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing your ornaments - I love them so much! I didn't realize how BIG this tree would be, so I need more ornies. WAH! I am enjoying stitching, I love it, but I'm such a bonehead - I always wait until the last moment. Kicking oneself in the patootie!
    OH! Okay, good to know the subliminal messages and skelly spells and whirly twirly dance are taking their toll teehee! I will start stepping them up now - hope it doesn't make you sick to your tummy bwahahahhaa
    Thanks for being a good sport while I nag you!;)
    Happy almost weekend,

  5. I love your Halloween Tree, Sally. One of these years I'm going to do one up. The ornies are really cute. The table runner really finishes it off. Love it!

  6. Hi Sally! I love all your spookiness lately! The cross stitch patterns are so adorable, wish my eyes were better. I used to Love to cross stitch. Your blog list Mon. was awesome, I'm only about half way through:) Our craft room reveal is today. Stop by for a visit if you get a chance. Have a beautiful weekend! Twyla

  7. Sally, I miss cross stitch so much! The patterns you are working on are fabulous! The log cabin day of the dead is so unexpected! I must share my Day of the Dead story! It's too funny! So many fun things to see. Love it all! E

  8. Ooooh that tree is spooky. Yet funny.

    I read Frankenstein a couple of years ago and I really loved it. It's very moving. At its core it's really about being different, alienated and feeling rejected by others.