Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday blog love is on vacay ...

... because I am pooped out after typing and scanning all of this ... whew! Perhaps, I'll try to do it later but I'm not sure ... sorry!

What a weekend we had! From the sublime to the ridiculously annoying.

It was our Anniversary weekend and boy, we had plans! But first we had to run an errand Saturday morning. Well ...

As I entered the garage, I noticed one of the beams had split half way through and it was hanging down, in a V shape, about a foot or so it seemed!!! And we have a ton of stuff up in the rafters, since we live in the most miniscule of cracker box sized wee housies! &%#@*#$*!!!! YIKES!

Thankfully we had a (HUGE) pole and the hubs was able to maneuver the thing underneath the split and push the beam back up. WOW! What a feat of hubsy strength!

Miracle of miracles, when we returned home, everything was still nestled up above (and NOT in a pile on the garage floor ay yi yi - or worse yet, flattening the hood of my car OUCH) - especially since there was not a moment to spare in our anniversary celebrating day!

We first went off to see Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor" - the hubby adores Shakespeare and most exciting of all, it was being put on by Shakespeare's Globe Theater.

(photo from the Los Angeles Times online)

(photo from the Los Angeles Times online)

(photo from Los Angeles Times, print edition)

We woke up this morning to read mixed reviews in the Los Angeles Times but we thoroughly enjoyed it and were so glad we had gone.

After the play, we had to dash home to feed our doggie and give her her thyroid pill, before we could be off to our main event in our anniversary celebrating ... whoop-di-doo French cuisine high falutin fine dining dinner at Melisse. YUM!!!

(this welcomed us at our table, along with two tiny gift wrapped boxes of handmade truffles)

(the chef owner, Josiah Citron, signed our menu for us, FUN!)

We will not be leaving the house for five whole years (maybe ten!) after that meal - the piggy bank is broken to smithereens and may never recover.

But it was sooooooooooo worth it.

Sunday ... back to reality. Our actual anniversary day but we had our fun on Saturday - we were going to go to a movie on Sunday (since it feels like eons since we went to one) but we had to address our sagging beam. WAH!

So the majority of Sunday was spent removing stuff from the rafters, sorting into recycling and Good Will, figuring out where on earth the remaining stuff would fit and shoring up the split beam until we can get it fixed ... which will cost a pretty penny and you know, from reading all of the above, that we just blew all of our pretty pennies on dinner. sniffle sniffle. Life sure has a way of filling you up and then kicking you in the shins, doesn't it?!


Wishing everyone a lovely week!

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Yay! I'm so glad you went out and had fun in spite of falling beams and financial worries. Those will be a distant memory, but the play and the fantastic dinner will be forever. :)) I have SOOO much stuff in our garage I need to get rid of. Does it take a fallen beam to get it done? lol! xox Pam