Tuesday, October 26, 2010

knock knock knock

Who can it be?

a package left ...

a look inside ...

A cry for help, more spookiness needed at the Magundy household.

Hurray hurrah! Stephanie to the rescue!
Where once there was one, there is now double the ghoulish goodness.
Two witchy kitty sisters, two debonair skelly brothers.

Scary treats can be found at Old World Primitives,
along with other seasonal fun!

I'm off to try and get my Halloween cards done today. Woe is me, inspiration is eluding me this year. WAH! Hopefully the light bulb will go off shortly please please please.

Happy Tuesday to everyone!


  1. Oh, how fun to see the witch kitty and her skelly friend at their new home! *smiles*

    I hope that light bulb has gone off for you by now - Happy Tuesday!

    :) Stephanie

  2. Mercy, you are a special person. Not many people send Christmas cards anymore let alone a Halloween. I do not think I ever received one in the mail.

  3. Wonderful decorations; So glad you shared! I love the magic of this holiday~

  4. I do so love Stephanie's charming ornaments. I am going to sneak in and steal your tree - bwa hahahahaha! And your chocolate, too! Weeeeee!! xoxo Pam