Saturday, October 2, 2010


Do you know what today is??? Today is the end and farewell to the much beloved comic strip, Cathy. Goodbye dear Cathy and creator Cathy Guisewite, you've brought a lifetime of smiles to all of us!

We were very fortunate to see Cathy Guisewite several years ago on a panel at our wonderful Festival of Books here in Los Angeles. Her panel mates were the awesome Berkeley Breathed (of Bloom County, Opus, etc.), Lalo Alcaraz (of La Cucaracha), Jerry Scott (of Zits) and I'm blanking on the fifth person. ARGH or I should say ACK! This panel is one of my favorite memories from the many years of panels, we laughed for a whole hour straight. So much fun.

Possibly my favorite comic strip ever, Mutts, has a tribute to Cathy this morning, so sweet.

We'll all be missing you Cathy!


  1. ACK! I will miss her, too. Sob. She has brought many, many smiles to the world. xox!

  2. Sally, Did Cathy ever get married? I can recall that in Mary Englebreit's very first issue of her magazine she interviewed the real Cathy. I was so surprised that she looked just like her! My family is so mad at me for not publishing my own cartoon strip about my son, (I have thousands of them saved) because they were exactly like Zits. My son was Zit! Darn, he beat me to it! Such a fun post. Happy weekend! E

  3. I used to love Cathy too, such a funny and familiar strip... Hope you're having a great weekend!