Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday blog love

My husbands vacation continues ...

Oh my! I seem to have fallen down a rabbit hole ... time has sped up on me and as fast as I pedal, I can't seem to gain any ground and find time for blogging. WAH!

We had a very fun and crafty weekend! First we went to the Quilt Festival on Friday, then we went to a paper ephemera show on Saturday and finally we went to the Renegade Craft Fair on Sunday. So much fun! Fingers crossed that time will slow down tomorrow and I can get a few words and pics about it all down here.

I hope this finds you all well and happy and that you're enjoying your summer!

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  1. Hi Sally! I'm glad you are having some crafty fun with your hubby. :) Time is zizzing by here, too. I do so hope it slows down a smidge soon, my hair is frazzled - haha! Have fun! xox! Pam

  2. I think that happens to a lot of us during the summer. Too busy to blog! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

  3. Hi Pam!
    Oh no. I'm so sorry you're frazzled as well! I don't seem to remember previous summers being this hectic??? Or maybe that's middle aged brain lapse? Today begins the painting ... ack ...
    Happy Tuesday!
    Sally xoxoxo

  4. Hi Dawn!
    Thank you so much for commiserating with me, I was feeling like I was the only one that couldn't get it together! I just ran in to try and get a post written about my fun weekend ... fingers crossed it makes sense. :)
    Happy Tuesday to you,