Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vintage Valentine Greetings

Twyla and Lindsey, of Two Crazy Crafters are having a vintage valentine celebration on their blog and they'd love for you to come join in the celebration! Lindsey has created and posted a darling vintage valentine tag tutorial today for your holiday use and crafty fun.

Inspired by dear Twyla and Lindsey, I thought I'd share some vintage valentine's greeting cards that I found in my great grandmother's things ... I think they are all circa the 1920's?

(I think something might be missing from this card as there are torn edges on each side by the columns that are holding the flower banner.)

(this one has/had sniffle sniffle sob, a little red ribbon - which lasted all these years until I touched it just now and it fell apart. WAH!)


  1. Sally, this was so sweet of you to share your grandmother's cards. I think they are beautiful. Some of the prettiest I've ever seen! Thank you for sharing our button with everyone and inviting others to join in the fun. That is so kind of you. I am sorry about your ribbon. I know how fragile some of these old cards are. Enjoy your week! Twyla

  2. Just so sweet. What a nice treat to see right at bedtime. Now, I know I will have sweet, red and pink dreams.

  3. Sally - these are just beautiful! I love old holiday greeting cards. :) I'll go visit Twyla and Lindsey and see what they are up to. :) I'm so sorry about the ribbon, but you know, it's good that you scanned the cards. I do that with all our old family photos, because I worry they will just crumble and this way, I'll have something to look at and remember them by. Have a great Thursday, my friend! xoxoxox Pam

  4. Hi Twyla,

    You're very welcome, I don't want anyone to miss out on all of your valentine merry making. & I'm so glad you enjoyed my great grandmothers cards!
    Happy Valentines celebrating!

  5. Hi Kate! Thank you, that's so sweet of you. I hope you had lovely sweet dreams!

  6. Hi Pam! I'm so glad you enjoyed my great grammy's cards too! Thanks for the reminder, I really need to begin scanning all of this stuff before it deteriorates further. There's so much - it feels overwhelming. WAH!
    Hope you've enjoyed your Thursday! xoxoxoxo