Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vintage Rose Bowl and Rose Parade

Edited to add: WAH! I wrote this entry on New Year's Eve, planning to post it the following morning, on New Year's Day to coincide with the Rose Bowl and the Rose Parade. I had been feeling a tad better on New Year's Eve, actually got a bit done around the house ... only to wake up on New Year's Day with the stomach flu! GAH! This is the most depressing, ridiculous, frustrating, bummer to say the least, of a few weeks. Yes, it's been going on for weeks now. SOB. Trying my best to remain cheerful.

I hope you all had lovely New Years Eve's and New Years Days!

Original entry:
I found these souvenirs from 1947 in my mother's things. My parents lived in Seattle at the time and my dad went down to Pasadena to visit family and to attend the Rose Bowl Game. He sent my mother this souvenir photo folder of the Rose Parade. Sadly the photos aren't real photo postcards like you would buy today - they're very blurry copies of photos, printed on poor quality paper.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is watching the Rose Parade on the television on New Years Day morning! It takes place only about a half hour or so away from me but I've never been in person. My parents took my brother when he was small but didn't go again after I was born. So I missed out on the opportunity as a kiddie when I had the stuff it takes to sit out there in the cold for hours. WAH! And now I'm too old and cranky to endure the cold and the crowds and the sore rear end. So I enjoy it with my french toast and view from the couch.

Hope you can make out these photos a bit ... so quaint and unsophisticated seeming now ...


  1. Very cool find. Those old things bring back such great memories and they sure don't make them like that anymore.

  2. Hi Sally! I love these pics! :) And I'm so sorry you've been so sick. Maybe 2010 will be better. I got to go to the Rose Bowl Parade a couple of times when I lived in California. It was fun, but I remember being cold, and there were so many people!! It's better to watch it from your house with French toast. :) xoxo Pam

  3. Oh, no Sally. Not sick. yick. Tis the season indeed. Of course I will be praying for your healing and comfort. I can only imagine that being sick messes with your whole sense of enjoying and savoring the season. In Christ, Jenny

  4. I am not ready to even say the word Rose Bowl after how the game turned out.... :)