Friday, January 22, 2010

hearts a flutter

Heart Shaped Yo Yo Garland from Penny Sanford

Conversation Heart garland from the Cupcake Goddess

Crochet a heart garland from Skip to my Lou

Make a charming keepsake hanging from cozy blue

And don't forget these darling ideas from Valentine's past from Purl Bee!

Heart shaped pins at Purl Bee

Sewn Paper Heart Valentines at Purl Bee

Fabric Window Valentine Cards at Purl Bee


  1. What cute ideas Sally, you're so festive!

  2. Hi Lori!
    You're so sweet, thank you! I love heart shapes! I'm so glad that it's festive - it's actually a response to my not having a clue of what to talk about, coupled with my hating talking about myself! ;)
    Happy weekend to you! (We're about to float away down here.)

  3. Hi Sally! I heart hearts. :) I do. I put them on a lot of my plushies, and in my paintings. They just make me happy. These are all so cute! Seeing as how I just now got Christmas put away, I'm not sure if I will decorate for Valentine's day. Maybe I will make some paper hearts and put those up. :) Is it STILL raining? Holy cow, you need to build that ark!! xox Pam

  4. Hi Pam! Hearts are my favorite things!
    Aren't these fun?! I doubt I'll be getting anything made myself for Vday - I seem to have come to a screeching halt in the creative department. I guess because there's so much of just every day life to catch up on, not much left over for other stuff at the moment. WAH!
    It was pouring yesterday, on and off, but today - beautiful blue skies, don't know what the rain forecast is though??? I'll be loading up the boat with the dog and the M&M's and be at your house soon. That was row to the east and a bit northerly huh?! ;)

  5. The Valentine inspiration is abundant! Thanks for these links. I must check them all out. Lindsey and I have been making yo yo's too, but not very fast. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  6. Hi Twyla! I'm glad you liked all the hearts. I'm so enjoying all of the images and projects you and Lindsey are sharing! I haven't tried to make a heart shaped yo yo yet but they're on my (long!) list. :)
    Happy week to you!