Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monday blog love on Tardy Tuesday

Waving hi to everyone! Thank you so much for your continued comments and wishes for a return to good health, I so appreciate it! I am hoping (please please please) to feel more energetic soon and be able to plop myself in front of the computer long enough to answer comments again - right now, I'm still too pooped to sit here for long enough. Sigh.

I remembered that I had already begun a list of some links for you - so easy peasy, I can just hit publish and away we go. I'm determined to spend less time on the computer in 2010, so I don't know how many more of these lists there will be.

My wish is to be more of a participant in my life ... sounds so silly, but somehow I can sit down at the computer and hours have gone by. I'm hoping to be more active, lose some of this middle age heftage that has crept up upon me, and also use the time to be creative. I will still be here but hopefully I will find a way to manage my time more efficiently.

What are your wishes for 2010?

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  1. Well, Sally, this makes me alittle sad. I so enjoy your lists. I do commend you on your desire to be more active. I try to walk at least a half hour a day because that has great health benefits. I look forward to you being more creative also and hope that you will share your creations with us here. I spend quite a bit of time on the computer too, but never feel it is a waste of time because I am visiting my friends and if it were not for the computer, I wouldn't even know all these wonderful people! I am so glad I found you this year. Hope you get your strength back soon! Twyla

  2. Hi Twyla!

    I read your comment on my iPhone and got on the computer to reply. You are the sweetest, dearest soul! I am so very glad to have met you too!

    Please don't be sad. Be of good cheer. I will be here, I just want to be here a bit less so that I can actually spend some time making stuff. So that will be fun and exciting and of course I will share it with you. And I'm with you, I have met so many lovely people and friends here. It's hard to imagine life without our internet community now, isn't it?!

    I used to walk - I have a bad back, which flared the past 18 months and I've been sidelined. I finally got an MRI yesterday - hoping it doesn't reveal anything too dreadful. This middle aged stuff is no fun.

    Thank you again for being such a sweetheart and so supportive. I hope all the love and care you so generously give is returned to you!


  3. Thanks Sally! You made my day! I am praying your MRI turns out fine. I do so look forward to seeing what crafts you make. You have some very interesting catogories of blogs on your sidebar so I know you like the same kinds of crafts that I do. When I was younger, I Loved cross stitch and did that all the time. Now, I find that I have so much trouble seeing it and my hands are so shakey that I really can't hardly do it. Makes me sad. I am most at home with yarn and knitting needles or a crochet hook in my hands. I do try to dabble in the paper arts, but I struggle with it. It just doesn't come as easy to me. I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for answering me and visiting our blog too! Twyla

  4. Hi Twyla!
    You're so sweet, I'm glad to have returned the favor and brought a smile! :)
    I just got home from the dentist - I've healed great he said and he thinks my stomach flu may be due to being on high dose antibiotics for weeks now. All I know is that I feel fluish. WAH! And my jaw is still partially locked but he gave me an exercise to do four times a day. He believes all will be well, it'll just take time.
    & Thank you so much for the good wishes on the MRI! I hope to hear from my orthopedist tomorrow with the results.
    I'm so envious that you can knit and crochet! I never learned and I could kick myself. I have a little voice inside me saying "why don't you learn how in 2010!", but I'm so very scared to try. I just rediscovered my love of cross stitch in 2009 and I'm so sorry you aren't able to enjoy it anymore!
    Thank you again for being such a kind and dear soul to me!

  5. Hi Sally,
    It sounds like we have the same resolution for 2010 - I am determined to spend less time in front of the computer this year too. Time does slip away so quickly as we sit here, doesn't it? Wishing you a continued speedy recovery!!


  6. Sally! I have the same resolution! I'm betting we cheat and sneak on here several times a day - hahaha! I would miss you if you didn't post, or come visit, but I completely understand. My goal is to visit blogs for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, and to post 2 times a week. We'll see if I can keep to that. LOL!! So glad you are feeling better, my friend. Let me know how your MRI turns out! xoxoxox Pam

  7. Hi Stephanie!
    I know, isn't it amazing how much time flies by in front of the computer?! I've been known to completely lose track of time miss mealtimes. ;)
    Hope you had a lovely holiday season and much happiness in 2010!

  8. Hi Pam!
    Seems like a lot of us are rethinking our time in front of the computer, huh?! I just feel so passive, like my life is passing me by - I need to have something to show for my day, more than a big rumpus! ;) I will continue to post and visit everyone - but I just want to diminish the obsessive compulsiveness of looking for new blogs or new patterns, etc.
    No word from my orthopedist yet. I just don't want to hear the words "back surgery"!!!
    Happy happy weekend to you!