Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My doggie is having surgery

EDITED TO ADD December 2nd: Thanks everyone so much for your kind words and good thoughts for my doggie! I so appreciate your kindness.

The vet told us our doggie made it through the anesthesia and the surgery with flying colors. He said he thinks it's just "exuberant" tissue growth (common in older dogs) but then added, "But you never know". He also found a second area of concern, on the corresponding upper tooth area. We will hopefully receive the biopsy results tomorrow afternoon. If not, then it will be Friday.

Our doggie patient was very bouncy and so happy to be home last night, you'd never guess she had surgery. But today she is all forelorn looking and very much the sad sack. I think she must feel really awful. We shared a lot of cuddles and rubbie-do's on the couch this morning and since then, she's just been flat out, mostly sleeping, sometimes lifting a bleary eyelid and looking around.

Thank you all again for your care and concern! You are very dear souls and it means a lot to me!

Original post:

WAH! When our doggie had her teeth cleaned, they found a lump by one of her back molars. It could just be an overgrowth of gum tissue but the vet said there are two kinds of cancer that it could be too. He said although it could be an overgrowth of gum tissue, it was odd/suspicious because it was just in the one area ... and he kept talking about the two cancers it could be. One of them tends not to spread but the other one is bad, spreads quickly. He said Golden Retrievers are prone to both.

SOB! I'm a nervous nellie over here. She's our little (ten year old) nutball baby and we love her so.

If you can spare some get well doggie wishes today, I'd so appreciate it.


  1. Prayers for doggie dear are going up.

  2. Hi Jenny! Thank you so much for your prayers for my oggie doggie. I so appreciate you and them!

  3. Oh, Sally! I'm so sorry your sweet doggie is having a hard day. I will keep her in my prayers. We had a golden retriever named Halley that just about raised our kids when they were little. Loved her to pieces. They are lovely dogs. :)
    Sending you a big hug. It's so hard to wait. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Pam

  4. Retrievers are also such a positive breed. I'm sure that will help her pull through anything too difficult. I will send her my best hopes and wishes for a good prognosis.

  5. Hi Sally,
    I am sending you my most sincere doggie get well wishes! Pets are such beloved members of the family - I hope that she is okay! Really hoping that it is just the gum tissue overgrowth - keep us posted!

  6. I hope your dog did okay....They become such a part of the family.

  7. Aw, sending some good fur baby vibes your way. I had a Golden for 14 years. Best dog ever!

  8. Sending good thoughts your way, I had a golden retriever years ago too...

  9. Oh Sally, my heart goes out to you. I know what it's like to get a bad report from a vet when we were told our beloved 15 year old poodle was in kidney failure. I am praying your baby has the 'good' kind of lump and that surgery will be successful and you'll have your sweetie for many more years! Twyla

  10. Thank you for the update. WHat a very blessed doggie indeed to have such caring "parents".