Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday blog love

a studio with a view
Andrea Walford
art = love = life
Cloth and Clay Dolls
Create With Me
Flea Market Fancy Freaks
Food People Want
Froken Skicklig
Handmade by Jenni
handmade love
Lost in Paper Scraps
Marges8's Blog
My Black Book
nest full of eggs
Peets Scrapalbum
Pip Notes
Poetic Home
rose hip
Scrapping og skrytebilder
small bird
Stamping Matilda
Sugared Songbird
The Creative Type
This is love forever
Veggie Belly
Vintage Flair
waltzingmouse makes
With thy needle and thread


  1. Do you visit all these blogs, Sally? You are a marvel. How is your puppy-dog feeling? xox Pam

  2. I just became a member of cloth and clay dolls so I could buy a tutorial. If I ever have time and like I don't have anything else going on... Ha!

  3. Hi Pam! YES! I am a blog junkie! I sure I wish I could visit all of the wonderful blogs out there every day! My Monday blog links are links that I've found on other blogs and clicked on them and I list the ones that I enjoy. Posting the list here helps me to remember to visit them again - my regular bookmarks became unmanageable. I keep thinking there's got to be an end but every day there's more wonderful blogs out there. And I've got an ever expanding rear end to prove it! ;)
    Thank you so much for asking, lovey puppy dog is doing great. Today is the last day of her antibiotics and tomorrow I'm going to try adding dry food to her canned and see how she does.
    When's that anniversary of yours so I can serenade you? :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Hi Lori! Oh! I want to join Cloth and Clay Dolls too and take an online class. I read about them on Pip Notes (listed above) and I was so intrigued. I have the time, I just lack majorly in the organizational skills and prioritizing. WAH! I'd love to hear if you take a class!

  5. Hi Sally! Glad your puppy is feeling better. :) Our anniversary is on the 12th (the 12th day of the 12th month at 12 noon - I kid you not!). And the tree is fabulous! There are pics of all the ornaments. Here's the link:

    That's a mouthful, isn't it? Okay, now I"m going to go check our Cloth and Clay dolls, too, because I'd love to take a class! xox

  6. Hi Sally! Try this (if at first you do not succeed!). xox!

  7. You are Awesome! to give us these lists! Thank you! Twyla