Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Just poking my head in for a moment to wish everyone the most wonderful and merriest of holidays! Thank you all so much for your very kind words and care and concern. I so appreciate it, it means so very much to me!

My oral surgeon said that the surgery went like clockwork - everything went perfectly. I was able to go home before eleven in the morning and didn't feel too badly. Wednesday and Thursday unfortunately I got walloped by the residual anesthesia and felt like I had the worlds worst flu. Every muscle, every joint, cried out when I moved. WAH!

Thankfully today the aches are gone ... now I have just come down with a cold. I can't win for losing as the saying goes.

Christmas is a very wee one this year for us, spent healing and regaining strength. We're watching old Christmas movies on TV that we've never seen before and eating lots of ice cream. (Alas, my jaw is still locked, so no big meals of indulgence for me.)

Thinking of you all and hoping your day today is delightful and full of all those dear to you!


P.S. I was looking in my mom's things for a vintage christmas card image to post and I found this drawing. I thought for sure it was mine, but it turned out to be even older - the drawing was folded and inside of it was this note, from my mom's little sister to my mom. So cute!


  1. Hi Sally! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I am so glad you are home, and hopefully on the mend (although getting a cold is crummy luck, huh?). The drawing is so sweet!! I hope you feel better soon. Rest up, eat more ice cream, and veg. xoxoxo Pam

  2. I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas, Sally! I am so glad to see that your dental nightmare has been resolved and that you are going to be ok! I can sympathize with the difficult experience of oral-surgery-while-dental-phobic. Thank goodness it's over now. And the drawing + note you found is just adorable.