Friday, December 4, 2009

Doin' the happy dance over here!

Thanks again everyone for all of your care and concern and sweet comments, it means so much to me!

WHEW! The Vet called yesterday afternoon and began by saying "I have some good news for you". Hurray hurrah!!! He said that it was a benign overgrowth of the epi-something or other.


And our Miss Precious Poochie Pie began to feel better yesterday and perk up and today she seems to have even more ooomph. So all is well in this little corner of the world again.

Thank you again so much for your kindness and friendship.

Let the holiday merry making begin!


  1. What a relief. Bet you are feeling much better. So, what does that happy dance look like....he-he..

  2. Hi Kate! A big sigh of relief!!! I was feeling so sad and depressed for two days. & that's a good question, I'm not sure what a happy dance looks like? ;) Anyway, I'm doing mine on the inside, being the shy, introverted type teehee.
    Hope you're surviving your remodel okay! Happy weekend to you!

  3. Hi Sally,
    What a great early Christmas present that news must have been! So relieved to hear it.


  4. Hi Stephanie!
    Thank you again so much for your kindness.
    You're so right, the best gift I could have! :)
    Happy holiday-ifying to you! ACK! I've got to start shopping. WAH!

  5. Oh Sally! I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am to hear your baby is going to be alright! I've been anxiously waiting for good news. Thanks for keeping us posted. Give her a hug and a smooch from me! Twyla

  6. Hi Twyla! A big collective sigh of relief all around! I intended to post last night and my husband came home and time just went. Thank you so much for being such a dear and kind soul and caring about my poochie! I will give her a big smoochie and hug from you. She will be delighted, she's quite the licky-loo kisser. :)

  7. YAY!!!!!!! I am so happy that she is okay. Please give her an extra dog biscuit from me. :)) Now you have to catch up with the holiday insanity! I am exhausted from decorating and shopping. haha! Tis the season...!! xox Pam

  8. Hi Pam! WHOOPIE! Thank you so much for your kind words and good thoughts for Miss Poochie Magundy. She says she will love you forever and thanks for the biscuit! ;)
    ACK! I know, now I've got to start shopping. WAH WAH WAH! Thank heavens I've pared down the list to the bare minimum and almost everyone is getting a gift card this year. YEAH!

  9. Thank goodness....We just found out my pooch is 10 pounds overweight. I look at those sweet eyes (that are just begging for a treat) and I melt. But -- we're on a diet now. I don't want to lose my friend prematurely. I'm glad all is well with your friend too!

  10. Hi Jolly Bee! :) Thank you!
    I'm so sorry your poochie has to go on a diet. We've been through that, I know how hard it is - they keep looking at you with those eyes and the message is clear, "More, please"! I've read about substituting part of their meals with green beans - don't know if it really works or not??? We did the cut their food by a quarter and that worked for us. Wishing you speedy success and a new svelte poochie pie! :)

  11. Yea! Praise the Lord for your sweet doggie's recovery. Thank you for keeping us updated and Merry Merry Christmas time to you.