Thursday, April 2, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. 3 - what I received from my partner

OH! How I love this swap, hosted by darling Linda at A Swap For All Seasons!!! For those that haven't been following along, it is a year long swap and we make a mini fabric sampler for our designated partner each month ... resulting in twelve darling samplers to make a garland or frame or whatever we choose. So much creativity, so much fun. I'm beginning work on number four today.

I just received my darling sampler in today's mail from my third partner, lovely Linda F., of Lambworld. So very sweet and charming. I love it so much Linda, thank you so very much! 
Linda also enclosed a chocolate bar from Seattle Chocolates - not only is chocolate my favorite thing in the whole wide world, ahem, my dirty little secret between you and me ... but my mommy was from Seattle and seeing it brought back a flood of memories for me of trips with my mom to see my grandparents in Seattle.

Hope you're having a lovely crafty handiwork kind of day today and wishing you a lovely Passover and Happy Easter!

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  1. A lovely sampler once again Sally. Glad you are enjoying this creative swap so much.

    Have a Happy Easter!