Friday, April 17, 2015

gonna be an auntie

My oldest niece is expecting her first baby on July 2nd, a little boy. Her baby shower invitation came in yesterday's mail. Fun fun fun. I've been enjoying looking online from time to time for our gift to her ever since she told us ... but I've gone a little OCD since the arrival of the invite LOL. You knew I would!

My brother passed away when she was just nine years old (and her little sister was only three), needless to say they are very dear to me and I want to give her EVERYTHING that's cute out there!

(I'm also gathering children's craft ideas, so Auntie can make the little guy stuff and also have craft dates with him!!!)

Anyway, began bookmarking contenders for damage to Auntie's bank account this morning and that just wasn't working for me. Need to see it together! Because - if you know me at all, you know that I'm a girl who loves themes. So I put these together this morning ... there will be a million more to follow, you can count on it.


  1. Congratulations sweetest Sally!!! I know you asked, Our little boy is due June 16 :) Such adorable invitations she sent!! Love love your cute themes, those are soo adorable!! Sophie the giraffe is suppose to be the number one toy too! ;) Have fun picking out gifts!! Wishing you a lovely weekend!! xo Holly

    1. Hi Holly! Thank you for the very sweet congratulations! I was remembering that your due date was approximately two weeks before Blair's, thanks so much for confirming for my old brain. :) I keep reading about the Sophie teether and it's so cute - did you get one at your shower? Bet you got a lot cute stuff! Happy happy weekend to you too! xo

  2. OH! I think you should buy all of that stuff.. sooo cute! and by the way, the giraffe is awesome. Ive bought all of my grandpies those toys. they are squishy and PERFECT for babys to play with and teeth on. there are giraffes, lambs and (omg.. I cant remember what the others are! ) anyways... they are really really cute! have fun shopping!

    1. Hi Vivian! I'm leaning towards all of it and could easily be pushed towards more bwahhahhahahaha. Cannot wait to spoil my soon-to-arrive nephew! Thanks so much for the review of the giraffe, it's so cute and is getting fantastic reviews. Okay, let the shopping commence :)
      Happy week to you! xo