Tuesday, March 31, 2015

peter rabbit 1904 - photo heavy

I found this charming, albeit falling apart, edition of Peter Rabbit at the antique mall two or three months ago. I picked it up and opened the cover and at first, saw nothing but blank pages! Then I slowly retraced my steps and separated the pages to find these delightful color plates. Sadly some pages are missing, I think five or six pages of the story and illustrations are gone, but still --- it makes my heart go pitter pat! I thought this would be a fun time to share it with you, since Bunny Day is this weekend. Enjoy!


  1. How sweet! I would probably scan the illustrations, so I had them to make gifts for my grandchildren. I have done this with other old books, so I don't have to handle them so much. Of course, I would never sell anything made with them if they are not public domain. Just for my pleasure.