Monday, March 2, 2015

a swap for all seasons mini sampler no. 2

This swap is the absolute most fun-est EVAH! Thank you so much Linda, for creating and hosting this year long sampler swap.
I just received my second mini sampler in the A Swap For All Seasons, from my partner Marti, of Artful Curiosities.

I LOVE IT to pieces!! Isn't it beautiful, so very lovely! Thank you so very much Marti!

And mine has been received by my second partner Linda, of Lambworld, so I can share what I made with you guys now.

Happy week to everyone!


  1. Just lovely Sally, both received and sent. It makes me happy that this swsp is making you so happy. :) Keep sharing them with us please.

  2. Thank you again Sally for my lovely mini's a treasure!

  3. 2 wonderful samplers! I'm so glad you're having fun~ I am too!