Friday, April 4, 2014

zombie joe

Last night, in between bouts of not sleeping (ARGH!!),  I dreamed I wrote a book titled "Zombie Joe" and that I sold the book rights and it was being made into a film starring Audrey Tautou.


Happy weekend and sweet dreams to everyone!


  1. You're hilarious! I once dreamed I was a zombie. In the dream I was standing in front of the old "Sticky Shoe" local theater waiting for my mom to pick me up. Just then, one of my cheeks split open. I wasn't expecting to actually rot!! Will Audrey search cemeteries in her pursuit to find her lost love Joe?

  2. Sounds fascinating. Enjoy your weekend. I hope it's a restful one.

  3. That is great! What a fun dream! Have a happy weekend, too! Twyla

  4. Well, it could happen! I'd like an autographed copy of the book, please. ;)

    Actually, I'd like to know what you ate before going to bed, I could use an interesting dream.

    Enjoy your week-end, and thanks for being such a supportive friend when I really needed it.

    xo, Pam