Friday, July 12, 2013

books books books

We're chugging along over here. Yesterday I went through (er, some of ... ) our bookcases, determined to find some, if even small, sense of order. We gave away a bazillion boxes of my parents books but apparently I still managed to bring another gazillion home with me. ACK! 

I wish I had taken a before photo, but here's the current after.  Four big boxes of books removed from these shelves and they're still overflowing.  All the shelves of paperbacks, are two deep.  WAH! I am pledging to cull this mess further and adopt a One In, One Out policy. 

(whisper whisper we have two more rooms of books too ... I know, it's frightening!)

I discovered I have FIVE shelves of cookbooks and I seldom cook these days ... good grief. Hope springs eternal, I guess LOL.

In between bouts of organizing and cleaning, I've been having fun looking at the participants of Mary Ann Moss's online class SEWN!  I want to join in and play along sooooooo bad!  And I just might! 

And I just noticed it's time again for the very fun blog hop, Where Bloggers Create at My Dessert Cottage. Have fun oooohing and ahhhhing and being inspired by all the great creative spaces!

Happy weekend to everyone!


  1. So very, very wonderful. I adore books and I am sure there is no such thing as too many!!Smiles, Dottie

  2. If I lived near you I would be asking for a library card for access to the Magundy Library! Brought 12 cookbooks to the flea market to sell last Sunday and folks snapped them up! Your shelves look great! :) Pam

  3. You have such wonderful book shelves!! From the floor to the ceiling - you're blessed!