Wednesday, July 31, 2013

that low down dirtiest of dogs, the nasty old C, has come calling

We just found out a few hours ago, that my husband has been diagnosed with cancer. We go to the doctor Friday morning to hear all the details and see what the options are.  My husband said the doctor sounded upbeat on the phone but needless to say, we are utterly freaked out and devastated.

So just a heads up to let you know that I may fall silent and not be around here (or I may be around all the time for comfort or distraction ... who knows?!).

Thank you very much for your friendship and care over the years!


  1. Oh Sally, what a shock. Sending love and hugs and good karma. xo, Pam

  2. Take care, Sally and take good care of that husband of yours!,

  3. Prayers and love your way for those who will be looking after your husband and for you and your family. This has been my year for cancer too and I learned to listen and to follow the recommendations of the doctors and nurses involved in my care. Tears still leak when least expected but one carries on. Delegate, ask for and accept help from family and friends. Rest.

  4. Sally, you are surrounded by love and comfort from friends here in blog land. We are here for you! I'll be praying all goes well. Love and hugs, Twyla

  5. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers for a good prognosis and full recovery. God bless you, Sally.

  6. Good Morning Sally, I am so sorry to hear the news about your husband being diagnosed with cancer. I am sending you my loving and my positive thoughts. I am thinking of you both.
    Best wishes to you and your husband,

  7. Oh Sally, It just keeps on coming to you guys. I hope for a fast and full recovery for your Hubs. If you need to vent I'm here. Please don't hesitate. I wish I were closer so I could do something for you guys. Stay positive and hang in there.