Tuesday, July 9, 2013

gather ye here oh Franciscan ware aficionados!

I've been opening more boxes of my mom's dishes today.  We put it in boxes and brought it home more than two years ago now. Feels like another lifetime. Which I guess it really was ... nothing has been the same since my dad passed away.

This is some of my mom's Franciscan ware (mostly the Coronado pattern) ... but I'm not sure about the little "basket" with the braided handle or the serving dish with the braid on it --- it isn't stamped "Franciscan" but it has a similar feeling.  Anyone know if it's Franciscan or able to direct me to an online source with all pieces? 

I get such a kick out of the weird coffee pot and I adore the relish dish. Alas, I don't seem to have the creamer and the sugar bowl has lost it's lid. I was a smoker many years ago but it sure feels so odd to find ash trays these days.

There were more pieces at my parents house - this was the set of dishes I remember from when I was little but gosh, they were in sad shape when I found them. Cracked, chipped, discolored but these pieces above, seemingly were never used --- I take that back, the round platter was used, it has a chip.

If you've been with me for awhile, you know that I've had lots of things to mull over and decide what I could keep in my little house. I let go of the serving bowl that held potato chips and popcorn and potato salad, the bowls that I ate oatmeal and ice cream in, the dinner plates that held the latest casserole recipe my mom tried, etc., because they were so very sad looking.

I'm such a sentimentalist, it's ironic I find myself with pieces that I didn't even know existed ... I may end up selling them all ... well, except for the relish dish.


  1. Oh please don't sell anything that was your mom's! Enjoy to the fullest and your Franciscan is gorgeous...I am a fool when heirlooms come. My mother is alive and I already haver great gifts from her, but I will appreciate them more when she's gonne, as I do the lovelies we enhirited from my dearest MIL! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Sally, I love Franciscan,& think your Mom's dishes are beautiful. Don't know about your pattern, but it wouldn't hurt to check Replacements Ltd, they have so many patterns it's ridiculous. Did you already check eBay under the pattern name? Maybe the serving pieces do match but have the extra braid design.

    Sorry you can't keep everything, I know I can't, but it seems like I try, LOL!

    Stay cool! :) Pam