Friday, May 3, 2013

sizzling temps and brush fires

Southern California can be a lovely place to live ... except for fire season ... which can pretty much be year round these days, with our ever increasing temperatures and drought conditions.

One of the three ongoing fires here, the Camarillo Springs Fire, is right where my husbands dearest childhood friend, 86 year old mother lives.  YIKES!  We assume she's been evacuated - thankfully one of her sons lives close by. 

(My cousin and aunt [in my last post] live in very close proximity to the northwestern and eastern edge of the fire.) 

I need to be working on what I'm going to wear to my nieces wedding (in one week!) and figure out their wedding present (or rather the wrapping of it and which I am awaiting a shipment of crafty stuff so I can proceed - I know, down to the very wire, as always!) but I find myself pulled to the TV for the latest.

The temperatures are supposed to drop tomorrow and the humidity rise ... think a good thought. 


  1. That was terrible. It showed on tv last night. The world is having strange things happen I must say.

    Praying for them all and firemen also.

  2. Oh my Lord, look at this awful thing! I didn't see this, how terrible and hope there are no casualties for anyone! You have a nice weekend.

  3. I can't imagine such a thing, hope you and your family and friends stay safe!

  4. Been following this on the news. How devastating California has to experience this so often. Hugs and prayers to you and yours.

    xo, Pam

  5. I hope the temp drop helped. The fires are getting worse every year! Good luck on the wedding clothes!