Tuesday, April 30, 2013

time is a-galloping

L to R - my cousin (her husband was AWOL on "business", party pooper!)
my husband (who had to set the timer & run to get in the picture),
Me - Queen of the Turkey Neck 
and how the heck did my hair get so poofy and RED?!",
my cousin in his hot rod shirt, he's all about cars and car clubs
(they drove down in his fancy vrooom vrooom Porsche)
my 89 year old Auntie (who was the life of the party as always!),
and my cousins darling wife, such a sweetheart - she doesn't
know what she's gotten herself into bwahahhahahha!


Anyone still out there???

I ask because I've lost three followers in the past few months - which I certainly understand as I may well be the most boring person out there in Bloglandia! 

I know we're all different and like different things.  Wishing you good cheer wherever you land.

For those of you committed or more likely the case, misguided enough (hahhahhaha) to hang on for this intermittent ride, please know you are dear to me. Oh! You just don't know how much I wish I could find the time I used to spend enjoying and commenting on your lovely blogs. 

But someone, some dastardly low down meanie of a time keeper, has spun the hands on the clock and I can no longer find those stolen moments (er, hours!) that I used to.

Thinking of you and and wishing you a happy week!


  1. Oh, loving your family photo, thanks for letting us enjoy! Not too puffy or red, just right, LOL! You know, I lost a couple followers right after my giveaway...whatever,
    not everyone can win, right?

    I can't keep up with commenting either, or responding to them, but do when I can. Since we're all faced with the same issues, I think bloggers "get" that. Hakuna Matada! xo, Pam

  2. Hi Sally,
    Lovely pics of the fam! You are too cute. I'm along for the long haul-I know what you mean about time though. There's never enough. A little secret-we've been looking at puppies and may get one soon-I miss having my little guy so much and I want to get one while my son is still here so it can be his baby too. Getting excited!Have a good visit.

  3. Ha ha-I just loved it. That yorkie was just adorable. We are going to see a morkie on Saturday-half yorkie and half maltese. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I hope everything works out. We are talking dog names around here trying to decide on one. I'll keep you posted, friend!

  4. Oh dear, I've been awol too, you're on my bloglist but I have neglected many since I was in school. I've always enjoyed you're blog.
    I don't have many comments either, stop by and visit if you'd like.
    Congrats to the bride and groom ...up above...