Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rednesday has a new home!


Joining in the fun for the very first outing of Rednesday at it's new home with Lillian, at Cottage Sweet Cottage

Thank you dear Sue for being such a great hostess, for so long!

A big thank you to Lillian for picking up the torch and continuing on with Rednesday!

I'm sharing a little sock puppy that my mom gave me 35-40 years ago now. WOW. WHOA. How can that many years have passed, huh?!  You can see in the second photo, behind his ear, that some naughty doggie tried to make a chew toy out of him many years ago. Thankfully I was present and able to extricate him from one very disappointed Siberian Husky in the nick of time!  WHEW.

And Georgie wanted to get in the act too this week since his cyber pal, Doyle, was on his mom's blog for Rednesday. He told me this morning, "Hey Mom! I'm kinda sorta red and I can do that stick my tongue out thing too, just like the sock puppy! I wanna show Doyle, he'll be impressed."


  1. I have never seen a sock puppy before! Cool!

    Great picture of Georgie with his tongue sticking out!

  2. Oh I LOVE it! You are too funny, thanks for the laugh. Doyle is so happy his buddy Georgie is strutting his stuff too!

    Love your adorable sock puppy. You're lucky your parents were "savers" so you still have childhood things! My God parents had 6 children, so we passed all our stuff on to them.

    Happy Rednesday!

  3. Wow! I've seen sock monkeys but never Sock puppies! I LIKE HIM! He kind of reminds me of Eeyore! ;)

    Hugs! So glad you popped over for Rednesday!

  4. Those are darling bits of little clothes and accessories. I loved my Barbie too and used to make clothes for her. They were all given away--OH how I wish I had them now.