Friday, May 24, 2013

a 1942 wedding part two

Since you were all so very sweet and kind to me about my parents wedding cards last weekend, I thought I'd share some of their photos with you this weekend. 

Engagement photo 1941

Wedding photo 1942

Outside their first home in 1942 -
look at that cute apron!

My mom's aunt had a home on Lake Washington
in Seattle and my parents were married at her home.
These last two photos were taken there. I don't know
if they were taken before the wedding date or after?
From left to right:  
my dad, my mom, my dad's youngest brother,
who strangely makes me think of crooner Rudy Vallee
in these photos.  

There were many wedding announcements and 
invitations in my mothers scrapbook from her friends
... young women in love, eager to get married in 1942
before their fiances went off to fight in WWII.
My mother would later tell me how very many young men 
she knew lost their lives in WWII, the War to end all Wars.

Thinking of all those who have served and sacrificed so much,
with gratitude and remembrance this holiday weekend.

Joining in the fun with Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage
for A Favorite Thing Saturday.


  1. Your mother was such a beautiful young bride! I enjoyed your lovely photos. My in laws were married at the same time. My parents married in 1950. Have a great long weekend.

  2. Your mother is lovely. My parents are gone now, but I enjoy looking at the old photos now and again. You are fortunate to have these of your parents and uncle.

  3. Sweet, sweet, pictures, Sally!

  4. Such wonderful photos! I have a couple my Mom gave me that look very similar. I think they knew how to have fun in the 40's and 50's...that's for sure!

    Hey Sally, maybe we'll get paired for that ornie swap, then no pressure, LOL!

  5. Your mother looks so happy and pretty. Her hair is so lovely. I love looking at the pictures of my mom and dad. He died when I was 9 years old. My mom is 89 and talks about him every day.

  6. What a handsome couple. I love those photos from the 40's. I think they were elegant. You are so fortunate to have them, and the collection of wedding cards. Precious treasures.

  7. They are a beautiful couple!! Love the old photos! :)

  8. What great photos! Love your mom's hair styles!

  9. Thank you for this "resolution" to last week's post! Fine Fine photos.

  10. Your mom is so pretty! I really enjoyed these photos and they all made me smile. Have a great weekend!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Such a good looking pair! Great pictures!

  12. I just love reading and seeing things from our parents era. They really were the greatest generation. Beautiful pics. Behind on my reading need to go see the other posts!

  13. Love her hairdos!!! I think these old photos are so romantic :) You had a beautiful mother....

  14. I am totally lovin' your beautiful mom's AWESOME hairdos....
    I just wish we could get those styles pretty.
    AND...your dad is such a hunk !!

    Now, girlfriend, you gotta make your font a tiny bit larger...these olden eyes have a hard time with small print. :))

  15. Such romantically sweet photos of a beautiful couple! Your mother's hair is so pretty, thick and wavy! These images made me feel nostalgic, again, for those simple, innocent and happy times - the music, the movies, the lifestyle! Thank you for sharing!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  16. Wonderful pictures - what a treasure to have them!

  17. Love your pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

  18. What wonderful pic's, Sally. Your parents were so cute. Now I want to dig out my parents wedding photos. SO glad you posted these. Hope you had a great weekend!