Friday, November 9, 2012

moving forward

I find myself sick at heart and apprehensive. 

I read some blog comments after the election that shall we say, were less than gracious (understatement!).  I didn't know before that there were blogs that were so hateful of contrary beliefs. 

I labored under the false assumption that crafting/cooking/decorating, etc. blogs were benign and innocuous.  Yes, I could sense some bloggers political bents were the polar opposite of mine and that was fine because I didn't feel disparaged or disrespected. 

I chose to see the common ground we shared.

But after reading those ugly posts, my stomach aches and I wonder if there are those of you who would find me despicable because I am a Democrat and support President Obama?

If so, so be it. 

I wish you all good things. Elsewhere.

Moving forward ... What you see is what you get here.  I wear my heart on my sleeve. I believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect. Hoping we can meet on that common ground.


  1. I agree with you Sally. Decorating and crafting blogs aren't the place for politics or religion. Claudia from Mockingbird Hill had a whole post on this subject. Everybody's entitled to their opinion. Period. Why do we have to put someone else down, because it's not the same as ours? Let's just stick to the fun stuff and pretend we all live in this world together and try to get along. Because we're stuck together weather we like it or not. Great post!

  2. I totally understand, I have a different opinion on politics and religion than most of the bloggers I've seen. I know that I have unfollowed blogs that where the blogger was putting down one of the candidates and I just couldn't read anymore. It wasn't because of who they were talking about necessarily, it was the negativity they were posting. I need happiness in a blog, especially during an election year! :)

  3. I often feel that I am one of the few bloggers that leans to the left. Yes, I am also a supporter of Obama. A friend of mine mentioned that she has a facebook page for her blog and that she couldn't believe the negative, hateful, and yes, racist, comments some of her blogging 'friends' had posted. What have we come to?

    We can all agree and disagree, surely, without being hateful about it. But I've seen and read some of the same things you have and they make me sick. And quite frankly, I know that many of my readers have very different political leanings than I do, which is why I don't post about my beliefs. It's a no one situation.

    I have stopped reading some blogs in the past where there were hateful or simply untrue posts about our President. I simply will not support that. And what bothers me almost as much is their assumption that all readers agree with them.

    Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts, Sally.

  4. Sally, So well put! Keep wearing your heart on your sleeve. You're the real deal. (hugs), Pam

  5. I am so relieved with the results of the election and enjoy your blog...I tend to only follow blogs that are likeminded. I feel my vote put me on the right side of history. Forward! Peace, Sandie

  6. Love your blog! It's interesting to me when I find out someone does not share the same views as me...and I wonder what influences them. To me it is a no brainer...I feel my vote puts me on the right side of history and am so proud of my President and will support him for another 4 years. What a wonderful man, husband and father. I have so much respect for him. Peace and diplomacy, Sandie

    1. Hi Sandie! Thank you so very much for visiting my little blog and your kind comments, I so appreciate them and you. I was going to visit your blog and tell you so :) but I don't see a blog link for you.

      Happy week to you,

  7. Oh so very glad I missed those posts! I have not seen any in blog land...just on Facebook that makes my blood boil!! Some of them seem so ignorant, that I want to write something snappy back. But I keep my mouth shut.
    Yes I am a Democrat through and through and was so grateful Pres Obama won a second term, he seemed so honored that he was reelected!

  8. I'm happy election season is over too. Facebook is what gets me tho, makes my blood boil how hateful people can be. Glad you're here, with your heart on your sleeve!!!

  9. Hi Sally-
    Thank you for coming over and leaving a sweet comment on my blog today.
    I agree with you on the issue of hateful, racists comments. But I don't agree with you when it comes to voting. I like you, am honest with how I feel and think about politics and religion. I align myself with the party that most relates to my beliefs. But...I don't always blog about it. I would certainly never leave hateful comments somewhere on another's blog. That is rude.

    I'm ok with the fact that you and others are Democrats...just like I'm sure it's ok with SOME democrats that I am not. That is what makes this country so great. Does that mean I disrespect the Office of The President of these United States? No. certainly not. I respect it. I don't always agree with what takes place on Capital Hill but I hold the Constitution as a document of good reputation...and it is for All the people.
    Thank you for being genuine and for blogging honestly.
    I appreciate that in the women (and men) I've met while blogging.
    :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Pat

  10. I am with you so many very bad comments about our President it sure hurt to find out how some of these women felt.. very sad indeed! Hugs, Diane