Thursday, November 22, 2012

giving thanks

I thank you dear friends
for sharing in my life
the dark hours, the challenges
the struggles and the strife
the good times, the laughter
the love and the cheer
through all and all
I'm blessed you are near.
~Steve Myrvang

Happiest Thanksgiving to my dear friends in blogland!

a prayer of thanksgiving

for leaves of yellow and scarlet
for goldenrod's bright array
for crisp November breezes
and frisky squirrels at play
for misted mornings and velvet nights
for glowing harvest moon
for crickets tuneful chirping
on a sunny afternoon
for families gathered together
for marigolds in a bouquet
for bounty from earth to share
this blessed holiday
we're thankful
~Sheila Forsyth


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend. Lovely poems!

    1. Hi Leslie! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! We stayed clear of the stores today and went to a movie and of course had some more pie :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Sally! Really enjoyed the sentiments you shared. Love the sweet photos...are they vintage plant picks?

    1. Hi Pam! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family! I got the picks at the Long Beach Antique and Collectible show last weekend - I'm a complete know-nothing and noodlehead about this stuff but I think they're cupcake picks and then the ones with clothes are for packages or plants???