Monday, November 26, 2012

did the grinch steal 2012?

I'm missing some chunks of 2012, I mean I must be missing some! It doesn't add up to me at all. It surely can't be the end of November already!!! Perhaps I took a nap at some point? It's all just woooooooshed by - so very odd after 2011 went by in slow motion, henceforward and forever to be known as the year without end.

I am still fighting the mountains of paperwork and boxes over here. Fifty years of my parents things just will not depart easily for me. So stressful. Progress is obvious though - gosh, I wish I had taken photos!  There was a long while where there were boxes piled nearly to the ceiling, along one wall, in our living room ... and in our hall ... and in our spare room ... and utter chaos in our garage.

Now it's just our spare room. But I've had to take a break, I just couldn't do it anymore. So many tears. 

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, filled with all those dear to you and lots of pie!

My husband had the week off and we saw another three movies: Silver Linings Playbook, Rise of the Guardians and Chasing Ice, about the loss of our glaciers - frightening!  Enjoyed them all.

We also saw a production of Hamlet and there was lots of good food and dessert too. 

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at my cousin and her husbands, with her family and two of her family friends.  My auntie, who I have been worried about, looked great and was her bright and perky old self, albeit aided by a walker now.

We steered clear of the stores but I did treat myself (crazily, extravagantly YIKES & holy moly!) to the new Vitamix blender this morning - not a penny off for cyber Monday. PHOOEY! I have been wanting one for literally years and I decided I'm not a spring chicken anymore and now's the time LOL.  Happy Unbirthday to me!

And another one of those anniversary days, days of remembering, happened over the holiday week, the 24th would have been my daddy's 94th birthday. 

The wooly lump lumps are doing well ... their tails and rear ends wiggle and waggle all day long. I sense they are happy here.  Course I bribe them with biscuits and tummy rubs. We are a goofy, joyful bunch.

So that's pretty much the news over here.  Wishing you all a great week!


  1. Sally, I'm so glad the wooly lumps are happy. I knew they would be. Sounds like you had a nice week. To clear you up -2 sons and a daughter. She is married and lives kind of far, so we don't wee much of her. The 2 boys are close to home though.One is a graphic artist and the other is a musician, although they both play. The cello lady sounds so neat-what we can learn from older people like that.
    It sounds like you have made so much progress on the boxes-you do deserve a break! And a Vitamix was well deserved, I'm sure. You have a good week too!

    1. Hi Leslie!

      We did have a nice week and it went by so fast! Someone is speeding up the clocks over here. ;)

      Thanks for clearing me up - I'm so sorry your daughter doesn't live nearby, that's got to be so hard not seeing her often.

      That's so great your boys are both creative and musical. That must make you so happy and give you so much to share with each other.

      The cello lady was fascinating. She began her working life as a cellist (she and my aunt would do gigs together, along with a pianist - my aunt was a singer), then she worked for the Rand Corporation for 31 years (it's one of those "think tank" places here) and she returned to her cello in retirement (or maybe after her husband passed away?). Her life by itself was extraordinary and then her husbands was even more fun! Made the time fly by.

      Yup, when I remember how much stuff there was and how it invaded & took over our home, I realize I've made a ton of progress. Now if it could just be over, for once and for all. WAH! The organization of all the paperwork is a puzzle for me and so far I'm losing. boo hoo. I just can't seem to figure out a good system.

      Oh well, just one more hump to go ...

      Did you cook on Thanksgiving? Is your son still vegetarian?

      We picked up two vegan Thanksgiving dinners at our favorite restaurant and took them to my cousins to reheat, so she wouldn't have to worry about feeding us strange vegetarian folk hahahhaha. Worked well.

      Happy week and mad dash to holiday time!
      Sally xo

  2. Time has speeded up for me too,I think a need a 2 year
    Have a merry week.

    1. Hi Myrna! How right you are, brilliant idea! Where do I sign up? ;)

      Wishing you a merry week too (love the sound of "merry"!).

  3. Hi Sally! I think I took a nap as well, since it seems to me that the day before yesterday was JUNE.
    Yay for the woolly lumps and treating yourself and being good to you. We had a great Thanksgiving full of love and giggles and lots of pie (I am wearing the pecan pie now, it does not look all that good on me. :) Happy Holidays to you! xox

    1. Hi Pammie! Yes, someone hijacked the second half of 2012, didn't they?! Right out from under us, those time gulpers.
      So glad you had a lovely holiday and I think wearing pecan pie is a good thing, you're always prepared for a low blood sugar event. hahahhahahahha

      Happy happy holidays to you! xoxooxox

  4. Hi Sally!
    I just read your cute comment and loved it. I feel connected to you in so many ways. I, too, am a silly soul. I love affectionte little expressions and use them all the time with my Pootie Tats...(just love that!)
    I enjoy reading your comments and always leave your blog with a big smile!
    Have a great day, my friend,
    Blessings over the mountains,

    1. Hi Carolynn!
      You're so sweet, thank you for your kind words, you have a way of making me feel cozy and cared for. Hope all that you give is returned to you.
      My daddy was quite the wit and raconteur, he always had us laughing. So silliness was a part of my growing up. Glad you enjoyed pootie tats - I think my brain is stuck in my 50's childhood.
      Happy wintery days to you! xo

  5. Hi Sally! I know just what you are talking about! I Can't Believe it is the End of the Year Already!!! The year has flown in an unnatural way and I feel like most days I can't catch up. I hope next year slows down and I can actually get some things done! Have a nice week! Twyla

    1. TWYLA! There you are! It's been so very long, so lovely to see your name in my comments. I was just thinking this morning of putting your afghan on the couch for the holidays - two great minds as they say. :)

      Happy happy week to you, coming over now to leave a Hello,
      Sally xoxo

  6. Really enjoyed this post Sally, because I can relate. Is 2013 really just around the corner? I'm drowning in paperwork that needs to be organized, filed or purged, and I can barely see the bed in the guest room for the "stuff" waiting to be handled. You've had some very emotional times this year, so don't be too hard on yourself. We'll get organized next year, right? :-) Hug those wooly lumps for me. Pam

  7. Right, it seems cliche to say, but the year has just flown by! Lets all just boycott it until we catch up with 2011!