Monday, September 10, 2012

old macdonald had a farm

with a chick chick here ...

and a chick chick there ...


  1. Oh...Just look at your cute little chickens! I, too, love them and have them roosting alll over my kitchen and dining room. Yours are wonderful and so full of vintage charm!
    Thank you for your thoughtful words and warm heart, my friend!
    You have blessed me!
    Hugs across the miles,
    Carolynn xo
    ps...Oh, I hope I get to be the first one to leave you a comment!

  2. Love these, Sally! You can't have too many chickens. I've been away and read the post about the teddy bear from your dear Mom. It's so hard when both your parents are gone. You kind of feel like an orphan, at least I do sometimes. Anyway, I'm thinking good thoughts for you!