Friday, September 21, 2012

i miss her so


Our dear Honey loved to watch and chase the squirrels.  We could say "squirrel" and she'd go flying out the doggie door to the backyard.  She'd manage to scamper a few feet up the olive tree, barking at the squirrel/squirrels (sometimes there were two at a time). The squirrel would "bark" back at her ... well it might have been a chuckle the squirrel uttered. 

It makes me smile to think of Honey saying this ...

"You're my angel on earth.
I'm your angel in heaven.
Nothing makes me happier.
Except for a squirrel angel floating by."
~ Elaine Seamans

Wishing you lots of squirrel angels, dearest friend!


  1. Oh Sally, I am so very sorry you have lost your puppy. I can tell from your posts what a dear family member she was to you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about her with us. Elizabeth

  2. yes....I scream Squirrel! at Greta and she just does not get it like Heidi ;(

  3. Sally, I've been so busy with Mom and Dad that I haven't gotten back to you and I must apologize. I am so sorry for your loss. I do know how you feel. 6 yrs ago we lost our Norawae to Sarcoma Cancer. In 6 days she was diagnosed and then gone...I am sooo sorry..that's all I can seem to say. I know some people say 'that's it I'm never getting another pet again it's too painful', but I guess if ya think of all the love ya miss I don't think those people really understand. There's a Cherokee legend that when the first Man and Women were cast out of Paradise the Wolf took such pity on them that they asked God/Great Father to allow them to go with them to help them. God allowed it. No wonder there is unconditional love in those eyes no matter what we do. DOG spelled backward is GOD. Ok can;t see to type anymore. I'll try to e-maill as soon as possible.

  4. Hi Sally, I know it's so hard. I keep thinking I see Max in the corner of my eye and then I remember. Our journeys have been so similar betwee out Dad's and our dogs on the same day. My husband said, just let me know if Sally's husband gets sick or vice versa. I know-weird sense of humor. ANyway hang in there and try to keep busy.
    Thinking of you!