Thursday, October 4, 2012

dog is my co-pilot

It's so very lonely and quiet for me over here.  The days are filled with tears.  Remembrances of Honey are everywhere.  I am filling up pages, writing down all the memories that come to mind. 

On Tuesday I wrote to the rescue where we adopted Honey and our two other Golden loves of our lives, telling them that we are forever grateful for finding us worthy and entrusting us with these gentlest of souls. 
Somehow the days pass.  I find that there has been a paradigm shift within me. 

I have never been one quick to recover from loss but now I feel an urgency, a sense that life is short and one should not tarry or put things off.  To open up my heart to what may come. 

So with that in mind, we embark on a journey on Sunday ... 

A journey to meet two senior Golden's, a much bonded pair, not wanting to leave each others side.  A boy and a girl, left by their owner at the veterinarian hospital to be euthanized when they still had golden days left to be lived in their lives.  A compassionate vet and staff and a call was issued from the vet's office to the rescue and the pair were rescued and placed with a foster family. 

When I was asked if we would consider a senior bonded pair, I felt the answer YES welling up in side me, like a tidal wave.  All I could think of was what if something had happened to us and our dear Honey had needed a home at 13 years old, who would have given her a loving one?  What will become of all those wonderful woofies with so much love and companionship still to give?! 

On Sunday we shall see if we are all meant to be together and be given the gift of sharing our lives with this boy and this girl, and provide them with a home to spend the rest of their days in love and dignity.   

Thank you to everyone for your care, kind words, thoughts and prayers.  I am so grateful for your friendship.  You are all very dear to me.

Please give all your furry friends (and gilled and feathered and scaled ones, etc. too!) a hug and a kiss in memory of my sweet Honey. 


  1. Sally I've been thinking of you and watching for a post. How wonderful to take two senior Golden's into your loving home. I hope your meeting goes well. Honey is proudly looking down on you from doggie heaven.

  2. Sally, This is wonderful. I know no doggie will ever replace your beloved Honey, but maybe adopting will help ease the pain a little. I still am crying for Max, and my solution is to keep myself busy-otherwise I have too much time to think and miss him. I hope your meeting goes well and you can give some love to a needy dog. Honey, I'm sure , would approve.Keep us posted.

  3. Sally,
    I am so happy for you. I know no dog will ever replace your beloved Honey, but maybe this will honor her. I'm missing Max like crazy-I just keep busy so I don't have to think about it. Please keep us posted on what happens. I think Honey would approve. Thinking positive thoughts for you, my friend.

  4. Sally, I haven't known anyone who hasn't felt this way about their beloved pets. Fill those pages! What a beautiful life she gave you. Elizabeth

  5. This is wonderful news! Thank god that there are people like you! Bless you and your beloved honey!